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Boise County Connection invites anyone who’s interested to comment to do so. The more the merrier! Lurkers are also welcome, of course.

Boise County Connection seeks to make this blog a welcome place and have instituted a few rules in service of that end.

The following rules are subject to change without notice. I retain the right to edit or delete any comment as necessary. I am the one who decides if a comment breaks a rule. All of my decisions are final. Some posts have “comments closed,” usually means that that comments have run their course.

Anonymity, pseudonymity, and privacy

WP software automatically records the IP address of everyone who leaves a comment.

Boise County Connection recommends that if you wish to take part regularly in conversations here, you pick a pseudonym or “user name” to make it easier for other commentators to identify you.

The “leave a reply” template allows you to comment as “anonymous” by entering that, but you will still have to leave an email address. The email address is not published with your comment, but WP keeps track of it. Of course, you can leave a fake email address, but people who leave non-existent email addresses are automatically suspect of maliciousness. Keep in mind that because the software records an IP address, anonymous is still easy to spot.

Comment moderation and content

All first-time commentators are moderated. After that, readers may comment at will, provided they observe the rules below.

Feel free to put hyperlinks into comments; be aware that the spam filter automatically holds up any comment with more than one hyperlink in it.

Occasionally comments go to moderation for reasons we can’t explain, but BCC look several times a day to make sure no real comment is held up or ends up in spam.

  1. The following are absolutely prohibited

Some sorts of remarks simply destroy the possibility of conversation. These are absolutely prohibited. First-time comments will not be let through; violaters are subject to permanent ban.

  1. Insulting anyone personally, especially calling names.
  2. Telling Boise County Connection what I may or may not write.
  3. Behavior indicative of malice or intent to deceive.
  4. An initial or very early comment that in my opinion is intended to pick a fight or troll.
  5. The following are subject to ban

After one warning, anyone who persists in leaving these types of comments will be blocked from publishing any future comments. Comments may be edited or deleted at my discretion. If you are blocked, I will leave a notice on the offending comment that got you blocked explaining the reason with reference to this policy.

  1. Racial slurs or hate speech of any kind and especially hate speech regarding sex or sexual orientation.
  2. Argument is welcomed however no personal attacks can be made on the blogger or other commentators (as opposed to disagreement with their arguments, which is allowed / encouraged).
  3. Prohibited / subject to editing or moderation:  Other types of comments, while they do not destroy a conversation, still tend to shut down conversation or make participants in a conversation feel less likely to participate or feel unsafe. You may disagree with and criticize their points of view, but do not attack them personally.

Should these appear tangentially or accidentally, I will edit or delete the problematic comment and you will be warned. If the behavior persists and you are unable to stop it to accommodate yourself to the culture here, your comments will be subjected to automatic moderation and you will no longer be free to comment at will. If you are moderated, I will leave a notice on the offending comment explaining the reason with reference to this policy. If I spend more time editing your comments then publishing, you may become subject to absolute blocking.