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News is what we are about and we want to bring it to you first. There is so much going on in Garden Valley including Lowman and Horseshoe Bend areas. We hope to fill that need to tell all the stories and bring you current events. Let this be your go-to place for news, events and all the wonderful people, places and things that make the west end of Boise County so special and unique!

Feel free to comment on stories!  This is your news! My blog is your water cooler where we can chat about the topics of the day! Just leave a comment at the end of the stories.

There is also  a Contact Page where you are able to send in your stories and ideas, too! GVC will always be trying to bring news and improve this blog. Your ideas are important!

HOORAY!!!  A local newspaper with up to date information!  Please let us support it with an annual subscription!  You can’t keep it current if you can’t pay the rent and cover expenses.  We had a good newsletter when Angel ran it, but she didn’t charge subscription fees.  She’s gone and it is gone, a loss to us all.  Please charge a subscription so it will be here for the long term.  John C.