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The Hub Features Family Food at a Great Price

Nothing can say it better that having a place to go for food that meets the budget and all with good taste in mind.  The Hub has just recently opened its doors at the Boardwalk, 33 market Street, in Garden Valley. Just getting close to the restaurant one can smell lots of good cooking going on.

Family owned by Jeff, Denise and daughter Joselyn, Breckenridge, they are taking this business seriously. Jeff has been in the area and his been cooking has been well liked according to many of the people stopping into the restaurant. Now the restaurant has opened with a rustic decor dining section. In the future there will be a room upstairs for parties and meetings. The Breckenridge’s are also looking to add a game room.

Pizza is often the choice for many to take home or eat in. The homemade crust has been a favorite of visitors with a choice of thin or regular. There are sandwiches such as gyros, subs and even fresh smoked Carolina pulled pork topped with shredded cabbage if desired.  Some of the best advertising is the smell of the meat being smoked in the back area of the business.

Ice Cream is now available with fun choices. A salad bar will be coming soon as well. In the cooler, they have unique sweet treats to eat there with your meal or to take with you. Some treats have to do with lots of chocolate as in fudge treats or cupcakes. Jeff says they will have some changes on what type of sandwiches they serve, so check back often. Jeff is a creative cook and will also try to meet the food desires in the community. 

Now they have started a punch card, too. The categories of pizza, ice cream or sandwiches are on the card. Buy ten and the next one is free. Prices are reasonable and will not set you back.

The Hub is working on a menu once they see what kind of palate is favored by the foodies in Garden Valley.  They also do not want to overlap much on the already established eateries of the area. Their goal is to provide something different and homestyle. There is plenty of parking and hours are Friday and Saturday from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM. On Tuesday through Friday 12:00 to 9:00PM. Closed on Sundays for the winter.

Written by and Photos by Janet Juroch

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