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Boise County Solid Waste/Noxious Weeds Superintendent

Boise County is looking for qualified candidates to fill this dual department supervisor position. The position reports directly to the Boise County Board of Commissioners. A general summary of the position follows:

Solid Waste Department: Plans, manages, coordinates, and supervises the implementation of the Boise County Solid Waste Program, as required under Idaho Statutes and Federal/State regulations. Superintendent is responsible for supervision of employees assigned to the Boise County Solid Waste Department and is required to evaluate personnel, assess equipment needs, and monitor the budget as appropriated by the Board of County Commissioners.

Noxious Weeds Department: Administers the Boise County Noxious Weeds Control program, in accordance with Idaho Noxious Weeds statutes and other related State and Federal regulations. Supervises all employees assigned to the Noxious Weeds Department, including evaluation of department personnel. Responsible for the assessment of equipment needs and monitoring of the department budget as appropriated by the Boise County Board of Commissioners.

Applications can be printed from the Boise County website or picked up from the Clerk’s Office at 420 Main Street, Idaho City, ID 83631.  You may also submit completed applications by email to  Please also submit a resume with your application. Boise County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and gives Veteran’s Preference in its hiring practices.

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