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Definitions, Duties, Current Mission Statement and Original Voter Petition

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Note: This is provided for informational purposes in reference to the GV Hospital District.

The nature of the services to be provided by the Hospital Taxing District is defined by Idaho Code 5 39-1319, which reads as follows: A “hospital district” is one to furnish general hospital services or medical clinic services to the general public and all other such services as may be necessary for the care of the injured, maimed, sick, disabled or convalescent patients. As used in sections 39-1318 through 39-1353 [39-1353a1, Idaho Code, “medical clinic” means a place devoted primarilv to the maintenance and operation of facilities for outpatient medical, surgical and emergency care of acute and chronic conditions or injury.

NOTE: This section of law does allow for a clinic and/or ambulance services by a hospital district.

Section 39-1318

A Hospital District’s Duty:

Idaho Code 39-1318.  HOSPITAL BOARDS — DUTY TO ACQUIRE, CONSTRUCT, IMPROVE AND MAINTAIN PUBLIC HOSPITALS AND MEDICAL CLINICS. The betterment and protection of the public health and care of the sick and afflicted are hereby declared to be the established and permanent policy of the state of Idaho, the duty is hereby imposed upon the hospital boards provided for by this act of acquiring, constructing, improving and maintaining public hospitals or medical clinics within their districts for the necessary care and treatment of persons requiring medical services.

Current Mission Statement of the GV Hospital Taxing District: The board changed the Mission Statement in 2006, according to Board Secretary Jan Ward.  However, the Mission Statement does not reflect what was intended and voted on in the original petition.  The statement says: The Garden Valley Hospital Taxing District Mission is: To support medical and health related services which contribute to the physical, psychological emotional and social well-being of all individuals within our district. 1-To serve as a resource for education to increase knowledge and awareness early intervention and safety. 2- To cooperate and collaborate with other agencies to ensure that all individuals are served regardless of age, color, creed, gender or financial ability. 3 -To participate in the creation of healthy lives within the community.

1985 Petition voted on for Creation of a Hospital District: Purpose of said district shall be to maintain and operate a medical clinic with facilities for outpatient medical, surgical and emergency care.  The boundaries of said district shall be the same as the Garden Valley School District #71 consisting of 796 square miles and includes, Bald Mountain, Garden Valley, Crouch, Banks and Lowman, all of said property being in the County of Boise, State of Idaho and without any unnatural boundary extensions.  A description of said District and a map thereof is attached hereto and made a part of this petition.  The undersigned electors and taxpayers hereby request that this petition be granted.  Executed June 11, 1985.

Reference Information provided by Janet Juroch

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  1. The change of the GVHTD in 2006 is so vague and inclusive as to permit almost any service to be tax funded under the new charter. As an outlandish example, why not fund an ice rink that would promote the health and well being of citizens. The district needs to return to the purpose of the original charter defined by the State Statues of a Hospital District and voted into existence by Garden Valley property owners in 1985

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