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Pharmacy Wants to Help People Who are Sick and Tired

Technicians Austin Hook and Melanie Rotman with Owner/Pharmacist John Amini to the right assisting a customer.

The Medicap Pharmacy located within the Garden Valley Market is up and running and ready to help customers with prescription needs. People in Garden Valley don’t know that not only are they getting a pharmacy, but they have acquired access to a whole clinical and fully clinical staff in the state.  There will always be a clinical pharmacist available to answer questions for treatments.

The pharmacist, John Amini is a Functional Medicine Specialist. He can use drugs and nutraceuticals for treatments. Devon Trone, the other Medicap Pharmacist, is working on his training in this area. Amini states, “I think a lot of people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. A typical western medicine allopathic approach to healthcare for maintenance has been to just add another pill.  That is never intended to ‘fix’ people. It was intended to maintain them.”  Armini went on to explain that if a person has a heart attack or a broken back, “no country in the world you want to be in than the United States because it is a great place for acute care. For maintenance care, we don’t rank so well.  Last ranking the from the World Health Organization lists the United States as 53rd.”

A different approach to medicine care is what is the focus of the Medicap Pharmacy. Armini carefully describes how they will be working with. He explains, “Functional medicine will look for the cause, we look for why. So, if someone has high blood pressure, instead of just saying let’s just take a pill, we try to figure out what may be causing the high blood pressure.  Are they stressed out or is too much weight a problem?  We ask questions to see what is going on.”

Garden Valley Medicap Pharmacy is open. Photo by Janet Juroch

Amini goes on to say, “If we can figure out the why’s, then we can help them to do better and assist with supplementation, so their bodies do what they can.  If we need to use a drug, then we are prepared to do that as well. That is why we have prescribed drugs.  It is an interesting world to have one foot in each space.  For what I do as a pharmacist, there are only 14 pharmacists in the United States that do what I do.  Last year there were only three. So, we have grown a lot.”

These other medicines/supplements they carry in the pharmacy are called medical clinical grade supplements. There are several things that the pharmacist will look at to see what supplement would work best for treatment to coincide with medical advisement. Supplements may even include some clinical herbs along with other items typically known as a vitamin supplement.  The clinical supplements used are of a very high grade compared to supermarket supplements.

Some concerns may not need a Physician’s attention and that is where a specialized pharmacist can step in. Amini illustrates “the Physician (Prescribers) main objective is diagnosing. Our primary objective is treatment and so we work hand in hand with the physician.  A lot of times we use treatment modalities to augment other diagnosis.  So, we have a lot of ability and leeway in that arena.”

The technicians working daily at the Medicap Pharmacy are Austin Hook and Melanie Rotman. They are clinically trained technicians, but they do have limitations to the advice they give.  Technicians at Medicap are medically trained and certified. This enables them to do more than a regular pharmacy technician. “Our techs were the first ones in the state to step into all those arenas that are allowed for techs.  We want the best out of our staff.  We always want everyone who works for us to practice at the top of their licenses.  We don’t want them to be robots.  We want them to be true medical professionals.  Our techs here are on their toes and they must be sharp. They can do all these things at a professional level,” according to Armini.

The Pharmacists work constantly with other medical and will discuss treatments over the phone to be sure of the advice needed for the patient. Armini says they field questions all day. It is a way that the pharmacy can take a functional medicine approach to help people while working with the physicians. The Telepharmacy system will enable customers to always be able to discuss treatments and review patient care with the Pharmacists, Armini and Trone.

Whether it is a question about flu care or treating a cough, medicine interactions and even vaccines, the Technicians and Pharmacists will be able to help. Hours of the Pharmacy are through Friday: 9am-6pm, Saturday: 9am-1pm and closed on Sunday. Their phone number is 208-901-8006