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Thumbelina’s Will have the Perfect Florals and Gifts for Any Occasion

Tina Campos, Owner of Thumbelina's Greens and Gifts. Photo by Janet Juroch

Fresh flowers are still available in the Garden Valley area with the opening of a Thumbelina’s Greens and Gifts inside the Garden Valley Market. A cooler will display a variety of gift arrangements inside the entrance of the store. Owner, Tina Campos, has some future plans up her sleeve to make sure flowers will be on the top of gift giving lists, especially with lots to celebrate each month. Tina also shared that the name Thumbelina was a combined effort of family members discussing ideas. The sense of a green thumb or mini green thumb gave way to the name Thumbelina Greens and Gifts.

Tina is already known for cooking her Mexican food specialties at A&B’s Antojitos during the Farmer’s Market. Now she is excited have her new flower business venture as well. Tina has had experience working with flowers at a gift shop in Crouch that previously owned by her aunt, Beth Church.  This helped Tina gain an interest in going into the flower business when the opportunity presented itself recently. “It was always so much fun getting to work for Beth in a shop like that,” says Tina. Beth is happy to be able to keep her fingers in the flower business by helping Tina. “It is good to be doing flowers again, but in a lot smaller scale,” says Beth.

The Thumbelina flower display in the Garden Valley Market will be showcasing flower arrangements and they hope to have many different flowers and colors to choose from. These arrangements can be purchased on the spot.  If someone wants to get a special order with certain flowers or colors, then it is best to plan a little bit ahead. Most orders can be done the week before they go to the wholesaler in the middle of each week. This gives them time to find the right specialty colors or flower so that an arrangement can be designed specifically for the person or event.  Timing is very important.

For Valentine’s Day, it will be more crucial to plan a little ahead for something very specialized. They want to have a display up so that people can see several types of arrangements and then people can customize the flowers or the colors to make it a little easier.  Beth says, “We will be here two or three days before Valentine’s Day (and other holiday’s such as Mother’s Day) to take orders and be making up orders at the store.” They will be making special trips to make sure they have the flowers needed for these orders. The plan is to be on site making those “last minute” arrangements that come in the door if needed. The cooler will be full for those who simply decide as they walk by, too.

Other gifts are available to add to arrangements or stand alone gifts. Photo by Janet Juroch

A way to make a special customized arrangement is to bring in your own container. Beth or Tina can make design the flowers to fit the container. From a Tonka truck or child’s shopping cart to golf shoes to a special terra cotta pitcher, the ideas are endless in customizing your container. Side gifts can also be added like chocolate, a little stuffed animal or a wine glass, for instance. These can be brought in or have Thumbelina’s find something to fit the need.

The plan is to have many types of arrangements with different sizes and price ranges to fit any pocketbook. Gifts homemade truffles, chocolate dipped strawberries and macaroons will be another addition available to add to the flowers, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Other plans are to have wine glasses, shot glasses, jewelry and little stuffed animals to add to the baskets. Tina wants to have a variety of ideas for people to choose from when making a customized gift arrangement.

“Special arrangements we usually can do for people,” says Tina, but they know the majority of people come and need flowers at that time.  They want to keep some plants arrangements that are suitable for a more masculine taste or a gift to a business, too.  Their idea is to try to accommodate many styles and tastes.  When doing customizing, Tina says, “It may help to bring in a picture of arrangements people like. This will give us a clear idea of what the customer wants.”  They do not do cookie cutter arrangements but prefer to do more custom ideas. There is also a box behind the display cooler that used vases can be recycled. “That really helps to keep costs down,” says Tina.

The display will have more choices by the weekend after market trips to Boise.  Tina advises that it is always be good to call and see what availability there is for special flower colors. There is a box where people can also leave their order information.  Tina wants to try to fulfill those special orders, however, it is not always possible on short notice.

A subscription type service is in the works for bouquets to be ready each month. This is similar to a “Jelly of the Month or Wine of the Month” concept. A planned arrangement can be ready and paid for to pick up.  “It is still in the works to get the detail up so that program could start soon. It would be like a “flower of the Month” program. This would make a great year-round present for people” Tina is thinking.

Beth Church said that the program will be designed to meet what a person wants. “Maybe if someone want something small for some months but then on a holiday month or a birthday/anniversary month there can be a larger arrangement in the plans.”

Another program they offer is that flowers can be ordered over the phone.  That means that if friends or relatives live anyplace else, they can call Thumbelina’s and place orders for someone in the Garden Valley Area. The capability to take card info over the phone simplifies gift buying.  Thumbelina’s phone number is 208-999-6989. The cooler will have flowers available any time the Garden Valley Market is open.