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Garden Valley Hospital Taxing District Has Message to the Public

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Message from Garden Valley Hospital Taxing District:

As of January 15, 2018, Garden Valley Family Medicine will not be renewing their contract with the Garden Valley Hospital Taxing District for supplemental funding.  The GVFM clinic will focus on a traditional pay for service private clinic model.  The Garden Valley Hospital Taxing District would like to thank Dr Mike Koenig and his staff at Garden Valley Family Medicine for their many years and countless hours of contract service with the district.  The GVHTD meets regularly the 4th Tuesday of each month at 4:30 pm at the Outreach Center in Garden Valley.  The next meeting is scheduled for January 23 and public input is welcome as the board reviews next steps to seek and provide availability for medical services within our district.


In the last Idaho World, there was an announcement by Garden Valley Family Medicine and Dr. Michael Koenig that the contract was not renewed to work with the GVHTD. This may make some confusion to what services will still be available to clientele of “Dr. Mike” and questions should be directed to him and his clinic operations. The Hospital District was set up to provide supplemental funding for the clinic to provide sliding fee scales and other programs, particularly for the lower income bracket. Funding from the Hospital District to the clinic has changed this past year and so GV Family Medicine needed to make changes in what service they provide as a private practice.

At a recent special meeting of the GV Hospital Taxing District Board on January 10, 2018, a communication plan was put into place so that residents who utilize the clinic know the changes taking place.  Questions can be made to the Hospital District Board including, Greg Simione, Board Chairman, and also members, Jan Ward – Treasurer, Billie DaVolt – VP, or Stephen Sylvester of Lowman. Below is the message made by the Board of Directors.

Meetings are held monthly and the public is always encouraged to attend.  Decisions about where the district tax dollars will go is an important part of a taxing district for the next phase of medical care. The District is now asking for people to join them at their monthly meetings to have discussions of that the community wants.

Written by Janet Juroch