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February Holiday Fun Means Chocolate at the Center for the Arts

Hearts for the Arts and Chocolate Auction is coming in February at the Garden Valley Center for the Arts. This highly anticipated event brings romantic gifts and fierce competition for all things chocolate. The art show will be all the month of February, but the auction will take place on February 10th. The event will be in place of the February gala opening that is usually on the first Saturday of the month.

Gifts and chocolate auction were set closer to Valentine’s Day, so that people can have fun purchasing items on the more romantic side.  Entries for the February art show can be from the community and have romance, love, or hearts related items for sale. These need to be original creations of art. The art show items are collected at the gallery on Wednesday, January 31 at 10:00am. Be ready to create items that can be sold at the art show, no matter how big or small.

As far as chocolate creations, these items can be brought in the day of the show on February 10th. Delightful creations will be set out for bid.  The competition “gets wild” just before time is up.  The chocolate gifts will make anyone pleased.  From sauces to cakes, to candies, there is something for everyone.

Linda Tuley, new GV Center for the Arts Curator. Photo by Janet Juroch


The month of January has been dark at the GV Center for the Arts.  A month of cleaning, maintenance and getting ready for an action-packed year is helped by having the center closed for the month.  Once the gallery gets past the February special holiday event, then the opening galas will continue beginning in March.  A new curator has been appointed. Linda Tuley has taken the position to gather future shows and artists. Much of 2018 is set in place with only a couple of months they are still working on.

The GV Center for the Arts has a membership program, scholarships for youth who want to be involved in occasional programs that might be offered.  A special group of ladies teach art at the Garden Valley School through the school’s art program. The GVCA brings in other art forms, such as music and dance periodically. They work with Artist in Residence Programs and showcase wonderful authors from time to time.

Some of the shows each month may bring an Idaho artist to the gallery. This gives everyone who comes by a chance to see quality artisans work that is often shown at many other galleries in the state and beyond.  From clocks to metal art to photography, there is something for every taste.  Local artists will be having opportunities to show their work in special shows during the year as well. Galas are free to the public and items in shows are often for sale, too.

Watch the Garden Valley Center for the Arts website and Facebook page for much more information.  By joining as a member, that means a newsletter full of information of events will come before the general public knows.  Watch for other social media sites to see information about events through calendars and postings. The gallery also has a gift shop that carries unique handmade items.  Winter hours for the gallery are 12-4pm on Friday through Sunday.

Written by Janet Juroch