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CuMo Public Scoping Meeting In Garden Valley Today

Editor’s Note: The public is invited to attend and learn facts and studies that the projects has been undertaking.  It is very hard to make judgement unless you actually attend meetings like this and ask the hard questions.  I have been seeing lots of comments floating around social media that shows a lack of understanding about the project.  In no way is this publication for or against the project, but hopes to provide information for the public to learn by their own initiative to attend meetings, make comments to the proper offices.  Understanding this project with real facts helps people make their own choices and even have a voice.

Submit comments to advance the CuMo Project after 10 years of analysis and delays


2 Comments on CuMo Public Scoping Meeting In Garden Valley Today

  1. The University of Idaho’s Urban Design and Community Development Department has agreed to do the study. The Boise County JC/RC needs to get funding to build information gathering points around the county to provide data for the study. All we need is for the Board of County Commissioners to be the sponsor as the grants to do the study and build the data gathering points will come to them. More later.

  2. After interested persons have learned about the “Scoping Letter” content at the meetings they should send a letter to the Forest Service at the hotlinks in the above letter saying:
    * I support advancing the exploration of the CuMo Project as the Scoping Letter has thoroughly documented the Pioneer Fire’s effects on the Project area and indicates little to no impact on Sacajawea’s Bitterroot. The CuMo Project provides an astounding development opportunity for the community and must not be subjected to further delays. I urge the USFS to allow the exploration to advance.
    * The CuMo Project has the potential to be a major economic driver for Boise County, one of the poorest counties in Idaho. It appears that the Pioneer Fire has been adequately studied and the Sacajawea’s Bitterroot continues to thrive. As a resident of the community, I urge the USFS to consider the current analysis addressed in the Scoping Letter to be complete and allow exploration at the CuMo Project to continue.
    * It is clear that the analysis conveyed in the Scoping Letter has adequately documented the Pioneer Fire and the Sacajawea’s Bitterroot population. Our community is anxious to move the CuMo Project exploration forward and learn the economic development potential that may result.

    We are getting plenty of evidence that this project will be done right. We are even requesting that the Board of County Commissioners sponsor a professional study of the social/infrastructure impacts on the county at no cost to the county. The Boise County JC/RC has a couple of grants in mind that will pay for the study…hopefully. More on that later.

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