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Planning and Zoning Business Approvals and Starting ULO Amendment Reviews

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Members attending the Regular Meeting of the P&Z on November 16, 2017 were John Jauregui (on phone for the regular meeting portion), Edith Williams, Rosemary Ardinger, Charlie Haupt. Chairman Dan Gasiorowski was absent. Ardinger was asked to run the meeting due to Jauregui being sick and not physically there. Rora Canody, Planning and Zoning Administrator, was present along with Attorney Steven Meade.  The ULO (Unified Land Ordinance) workshop/discussion meeting would be joined by the Boise County Commissioners later.

The regular meeting needed to make a final approval of the Reconsideration decision #2017-05 and #2017-06 for the 3 Springs Hunting Ranch in Horseshoe Bend after appeals were heard on November 2, 2017.  A motion was made to approve the CUP permit.  by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Next was to continue the deliberation on CUP #2017-010 Gary Brown’s Motor/ACT Towing business in Garden Valley. At a prior meeting, certain stipulations and conditions were asked of Brown in the operation of the business. The Commission was also awaiting any response from DEQ requiring ways to dispose of potential leaking vehicles though the Public Hearing was closed on October 19th. There was no response from DEQ.  Canody concluded that any time an agency does not respond then it is considered “no issue” with that agency. The CUP was approved to move forward.

Staff reported the history of the land use over the past 20 years. Parking was addressed and Haupt had concerns that instead of gravel it should be a paved surface. Canody went before the County Commissioners to discuss this and was approved to keep the surface the way it is for parking.  Recommended site-specific conditions were deliberated by the Commission which mainly addresses the leaking fluids from cars. It was decided that fluids be drained before parking in the towing containment area as per DEQ rules and regulations. Attorney Meade researched Idaho Code about for draining of fluids for this type of business and there was nothing addressing that.

Rora Canody asked the commission to take time to review of By-Laws, procedures and protocol as part of their training and understanding on conducting meetings in the future. Canody is planning to schedule training for this, particularly as new members begin their time on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The County Commissioners were present for the ULO #2016-01 review to discuss proposed amendments with Planning and Zoning. All County Commissioners present were Laura Baker, Roger Jackson and Alan Ward. There was a compilation of amendments that staff and legal counsel have come up with recommendations, as well as additional input from Williams.  Canody said, “It makes sense to start reviewing the ULO numerically.”  Language in the current ULO is often too broad and misunderstood. This can affect the decisions on considerations and requirements to various applications.

Canody asked if the Board of Commissioners would want to continue meeting as a committee with the Planning and Zoning Commission and legal and staff as they move through all the ULO changes. Many meeting will be needed to work on legal language and move forward on the ULO amendments. This is needed to strengthen the language while making it clearer for interpretation. Canody was making a list of recommendations that will become public and reviewed at a Public Hearing.

“Some things the County Commissioners determined that should be reviewed are tiny homes, building permits, reconsideration applications and public hearing requirements and subdivisions and those public hearing requirements.” according to Canody.  Other definitions could also include noise ordinances, application fees and what agencies will decide the site-specific recommendations to assist the Planning and Zoning Commission. There was discussion that Boise County is zoned multi-use and it might be a good time to re-think having different zoning regions since the population has grown substantially since 1993. Haupt said, “I think that is something we need to look at seriously by not have a noisy business being able to build in a subdivision.”

Language in the current ULO was often misunderstood when making considerations and requirements to different business and zoning applications. The public is invited to attend these workshops and participate in the discussions prior to a future public hearing. Ideas and changes to the ULO definitions Planning and Zoning is considering are welcome by contacting the Planning and Zoning office at 208-392-2293. An email of ideas that could be referred for consideration can be emailed to Administrator Rora Canody at Other contact information is on the Boise County website at

The next ULO workshop meeting is tentatively scheduled in Horseshoe Bend at the High School Library on Monday, December 11 at 6:30pm.

Written by Janet Juroch