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Pioneer Fire Recovery and Restoration Update

After a busy summer field season on the Boise National Forest, work continues on the Pioneer Fire area to recover and restore the landscape.

Improving Aquatic Habitat for Bull trout

Two Aquatic Organism Passages (AOPs) have been placed on the Lowman Ranger District’s Clear Creek Road (National Forest System road 582). These AOPs are replacing small culverts on Pole and Big Spruce Creek, opening up more than 3 miles of upstream habitat for bull trout and other aquatic species within the Clear Creek watershed.

Opening access to bull trout spawning habitat provides refuge for small fish to escape predators and protect them from being swept downstream from high flows and/or increased sediment from the burned landscape.

The AOPs, which look like large culverts, are multipurpose bottomless arches with two concrete footer walls sunk below the scour depth of the stream, engineered to replicate natural stream conditions. The structures are designed to safeguard the popular road from damaging debris flows blocking stream flows and minimize the risk from water overflowing on to the road bed.

These AOPs are vitally important for the Boise National Forest’s long term recovery efforts which are part of the Pioneer Fire’s Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) assessment and supports the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s bull trout recovery plan. Learn more about AOPs by watching the video:

Salvage Timber and Roadside Hazard Sales Status

Twelve salvage timber sales sold to reduce hazard trees in heavily used recreation areas are in various stages of operation from beginning to completion.

·        Whoopum up and Upper Rock Salvage and Sunset Ski Roadside Hazard sales: completed.

·        Upper Rock Creek Salvage and Pikes Fork Roadside Hazard sales: are expect completion mid-November.

·        Crooked and Kempner Salvage and Banner Roadside Hazard sales: expected completion this winter barring extreme weather conditions.

·        Upper Beaver and Lamar Salvage sales: just started with completion expected in the summer and fall 2018, respectively.

·        Clear Creek Roadside Hazard sale: expected to begin mid-November with completion expected in 2018.

Two additional sales were advertised for bid Nov. 3, 2017:

·        393 Roadside Hazard and the Gold Fork West Salvage sales bid openings were scheduled for Nov. 15.

o   393 Roadside Hazard had an oral auction and Gold Fork West had a sealed bid.