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1 Comment on Good Food, Good Gossip- and a chance to meet your new 3D printer!

  1. The Senior Center Board met with an audience of members today to clarify the rumors that have been running rampant around Garden Valley about a move afoot to basically close the Senior Center in favor of the Granny’s thrift shop. Others may wish to chime in, but in my view it was a very positive meeting. The members emphasized the importance of the Senior Center in providing balanced meals and a place to get together for seniors in the valley in addition to providing a great service to the community through its thrift shop.

    The “Futures Task Force” recommendations (October of 2015) were discussed but most important was the willingness by the Board to try new things to garner interest from the senior community. The first thing that will become obvious is a broad communications program. We’ll all see that result first and from it, the Board actions will become quite transparent and opportunities for all kinds of activities will become available. So, in short, the GV Senior Center is not going away. We will need help from folks who are interested, so please respond to this comment by volunteering to help make the Senior Center a vibrant part of the community again. It won’t take much of your time, and it will be fun rebuilding a vibrant center.

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