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Agencies Remind Everyone to Prepare for Winter Coming

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A message fro Boise County Road and Bridge Dept.:

With winter time conditions upon us, those traveling the mountainous roads in Boise County need to pay special attention to all chained up advisories. Travelers should have chains and proper tires that can safely maneuver these areas. Boise County Road and Bridge Department urges drivers to use caution, especially on curves, shaded areas, and watch for rocks on the roadways. Please be aware of equipment removing snow from both sides of the road as we all know, the weather and road conditions can change in a very short time.

Please observe “No Parking” signs on the county roads. Vehicles parked on Boise County Roads not only interfere with snow plowing and sanding and emergency response vehicles, but are also a hazard to the traveling public. Per Resolution #2006 – 25 Snow Removal and Sanding Policy for Boise County, the Boise County Road Department will contact law enforcement for the ticketing and or Towing of any Vehicles legally illegally parked.

The primary efforts are on clearing travel ways and Boise County will not be responsible for the berm of snow left in driveways due to the plowing action of a snow blade. The Boise County Road Department will contact law enforcement for ticketing those individuals placing snow from private driveways within the public right of ways pursuant to I. C.  § 18 – 3907.

Copies of Resolution #2006 – 25 may be obtained by calling Boise County Road and Bridge Department at 793-2380 or the Boise County website at

Another item to consider is address numbers placed visibly on your house for emergency personnel to find you. Address and/or road name signs at driveway entrances should be high enough to see especially if there is a large accumulation of snow. In the event of an emergency, time can be saved if addresses are clearly posted. “It would be really good if people posted address numbers high enough for us to see when we come in and that snow is regularly dusted off of those signs,” says Garden Valley Chief Jon Delvalle. Every year he reminds people to keep paths to the houses cleared of snow and driveways wide enough for emergency vehicles to come through. This saves valuable time if someone inside the home has a medical emergency or there is a fire.

Social media is one way to stay informed quickly of local information.  Check notices easily on Facebook:

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Written by Janet Juroch

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