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New Horseshoe Bend Postmaster Filling into Big Shoes Comfortably

Mary Hoch, New HSB Postmaster - by Janet Juroch

Mary Hoch has just started as the new Horseshoe Bend Postmaster. She has expressed a real commitment to a small-town post office and loves the chance to interact with customers in the community. After working her way up through many different jobs in the United States Postal Service, she seems to have found her niche.

Hoch explains that in the bigger post offices like in Boise and Meridian, there is not much interaction with customers.  “I like to be part of the processing and be able to wait on customers. That is what I did in Council,” says Hoch.  She worked her way up in Council for two years.

By a stroke of luck and coincidence, Hoch and her husband still had their house in Boise, which their kids were renting.  The kids got married and moved out leaving an empty home again.  At about the same time the opening Postmaster opening came up.  “Everything worked perfectly with the timing. Horseshoe Bend to Boise makes for a nice commute,” and Hoch went on to say, “Rural post offices are usually bigger, so it is hard to find one this small and this close to Boise. This was a good opportunity.”

Former Postmaster Greg Liles passed away suddenly last spring which left the rest of the office scrambling to make sure everything still ran like clockwork. During the summer, Tonya Herold filled in while waiting for the vacancy to be filled.  Tonya is well known in the community and many locals voiced their appreciation for how well Herold managed everything.

I feel Greg’s presence here all the time,” says Hoch. She also feels that the staff all work very well together, which makes for good energy at the post office. She says that every post office has its own unique personality and is already getting to know the customers.

She does not see any changes looming in the future. She has five employees with two managing the two routes, two office clerks and a substitute carrier for the routes.  “We also do work as a companion to the Sweet post office and things are split between the two post offices due to geographic reasons. Sweet gets the mail and delivery end and we get the financial responsibilities.  The Sweet route covers four or five roads in Sweet and then comes down to the Gardena area,” Hoch shared. She went on to explain that the rest of Sweet is taken care of through the Emmett Post office. This is due to a mountain in between the two towns.

Hoch also revealed that, “The volume of mail is not really big. It is just one big route that is about 95 miles a day. The other route is much smaller and can be covered in about two hours. The Horseshoe Bend Post Office is also an Amazon drop off location, which Hock says comes about 9:30 in the morning. Hoch will tell anyone she enjoys experiencing the retail and business side of the Post Office in Horseshoe Bend.

Written by Janet Juroch