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Accomplishments Remembered as Idaho City Police Chief Takes Up a New Venture

Idaho City’s Police Chief John Krempa recently withdrew from full time law enforcement to pursue other adventures. His journey of thirteen years came to an end without a lot of fanfare but his accomplishments were many. His last day of service as a cop was October 8, 2017.

Speaking with Krempa, he has mostly good memories that started in Ohio. He settled down in Idaho and eventually became the fulltime Idaho City Police Chief. “You never look at life the same once in law enforcement,” said Krempa as he explained so many types of lessons learned.

John Krempa

“Sometimes you just get cynical and it wears you down knowing the phone can ring at any time. It just does things to you,” says Krempa. He knows it takes a toll on family as well. His decision to start a new chapter came with much thought over the course of time, vacillating back and forth to come to a clear decision. He said he had intentions of working 20 years in law enforcement.

His purpose of “keeping the peace” kept him going. He outlined his work saying, “There were the rewards of saving lives or catching the criminals in order to help others be safe. Arresting people is not always pleasant, whether it is about stolen property or handling abusive situations. The satisfaction came from helping someone going through horrible emotions or removing children from bad situations or just seeing someone turn their lives around,” says Krempa.

He was on the huge 2007 Michael S. Dauber county murder case. “Along the way I learned many lessons and had many adventures. There are few street corners or places in this county where I don’t have interesting or sometimes horrific stories to tell about what transpired at one time or another,” Krempa explains.

Some of Krempa’s accomplishments included starting up the Hockey Night with Kids program by getting donations and pledges from corporations such as CuMo Mining.  He worked out a budget with increased wages for personnel and gained three new vehicles through grants, which was at no cost to the city. Uniforms were revamped. New vests and additional equipment were acquired. He also started the Idaho City Police Department Facebook page to keep community informed of departmental news and events.

Recently, Krempa was presented with a business opportunity that could give him more time and flexibility to concentrate on family. He says he hopes to “become prosperous” with his new adventures in an already established spring water business. “I find myself leaving my career a little earlier than I had planned, but with no regrets,” says Krempa.

Officer Mark Otter will transition to full time as Krempa’s replacement as police chief.  Krempa feels that Otter is highly experienced and understands our community. Bidding a fond farewell, Krempa says, “I have been employed with the City since 2010 and full time for the past 28 months it has been a great place to work and I will truly miss working with our elected officials and city employees. I appreciate all of our citizens who have supported me and all of our law enforcement officers in the community over the years.” Krempa will stay in the Idaho City area, so he will never be far away.  He will be busy getting his Rocks Water business venture off the ground with more information to follow at a future date.

Written by Janet Juroch