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Paint and Sip Class Teaches Impressionistic Style of the Late Bob Ross

Paint and Sip Class at Cranberryhill Studios in Garden Valley. Photo by Janet Juroch

There is a waiting list for the special painting class offered by Lorraine’s Art Studio located at Cranberryhill Studios in Garden Valley.  A Bob Ross style of painting makes for a great class for beginners.  The class had ten participants anxious to learn to paint a mountain scene.

Lorraine Bollinger dressed up as Bob Ross to get into the fun of teaching his style of painting. Photo by Janet Juroch

Lorraine Bollinger, teacher of art, has the canvas, paints and tools for the class, along with a bottle of wine at each table. Ladies sipped a little wine and learned how to employ techniques and color to make a scene come alive. Bob Ross technique is his own way of impression painting.  The style is fairly easy to learn and that is why Lorraine chose this as a beginner’s class.

The class learned how to use a paint spatula to dab the canvas.  The spatula also helps to slide the paint for creating edges. The Bob Ross video Lorraine showed throughout the class was complete with the sound of how Ross attacks the canvas, doing a lot of dabbing as he works paint into the canvas with a spatula, which he uses more than using a brush.

Lorraine is teaching a student different ways to paint with a special spatula that was so typical of a Bob Ross painting technique. Photo by Janet Juroch

At first, the ladies all were a little unsure as they proceeded with painting a mountain scene. Some of them had never painted before. Lorraine reminded everyone that “if you screw up, you can fix it.”  After a while the pictures evolved and everyone showed excitement. Each artist had slightly different interpretation of the scene they painted.

Class complete and new artists emerged. Photo by Janet Juroch

Lorraine Bollinger, art teacher, wears a wig to “channel the essence of famous painter Bob Ross. ” Photo by Linda Ruppel

Lorraine comes from a long background of painting, from watercolors, to oils and to acrylics. Her art and pictures are displayed at the Cranberryhill Studios. She enjoys the process of teaching and developing new artists. Learning the Bob Ross techniques was new, for even Lorraine, saying, “I had to get out of my own comfort zone to teach this class.”

The next class is on November 4th at 2:00pm at Cranberryhill Studios.  Lorraine has everything for the artist to use. The class is $40 with a deposit for signing up which goes towards the class fee. At the end of the class, a picture is created to take home and impress friends and family. Another class will be offered on November 18th, so be ready to paint and sip and have a great time!

Written by Janet Juroch