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A Sheep Pictoral as They Move Through Garden Valley

All Photo Credits: Linda Ruppel.  Linda is a professional photographer an resides in Garden Valley. She got to visit with Pedro, gave him some photos of the sheep grazing and brought him some homemade brownies too. Pedro is a bit hard to communicate with as his English is minimal. Smiles and food always warms the heart, especially on a rainy morning.

Linda talked about her visit with Pedro. She said he recognized her from previous years and gave her nod when she raised up her camera…….”The sheep picture (with Pablo’s flock) is in City Hall and was taken in 2016.  However,  the pyreness dog in 2016 is the same dog (Tupac) working with Pedro this year.  Pablo and Pedro are not related but I gather they both work for the Jon Peterson Ranch in Emmett from what I could understand from Pedro.  I gave him home made brownies, his picture from 2015 and a copy of the 2016 flock showing Tupac. Both herding dogs are still with Pedro again this year.”

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Pedro is just one person watching all the sheep as they munch the grasses, helping with keeping fire tinder down.

Pedro is tending the sheep as they move across Garden Valley