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Business CUP’s Met with Some Opposition and Two Appeals Slated for November

Starting a new business and land use in Boise County requires going through the Conditional Use Permit application. Besides paperwork, plans and descriptions of the business, there is a Public Hearing to finalize the CUP. The process includes time for legal notices, notifications with a response time from Boise County infrastructure, other agencies and neighboring property owners written responses.  The process can take at least a couple of months from the beginning of the application to a scheduled Public Hearing.

At a recent Planning and Zoning meeting, a proposed business in Horseshoe Bend came for their CUP Public Hearing.  B & D Precision is a light manufacturing business already operational in Redding, California and owned by William Bollinger.  With a move to Horseshoe Bend, he has bought a parcel of land off Porter Creek Road. Besides his personal residence, he will also be building a barn like structure to house the small manufacturing business that he and his wife will operate.

Bollinger explained the business, what they will manufacture and how they will be able to meet CUP site conditions.  He will not be a retail outlet but simply manufactures equipment for back county skiing and other specialized equipment of steel and aluminum. He brought in a prototype of equipment used to scale a wall in the capture of Osama Bin-Laden. Safety, noise and pollution was discussed to make sure the residences nearby will not be affected.

There was some opposition from a couple of nearby residents that worried over Porter Creek not being able to handle more traffic and afraid noise could be a problem.  Those issues were discussed. The P&Z commission, staff and attorney saw the site-specific conditions of the CUP met county ULO (Unified Land Ordinance) standards. The CUP was approved.

Another CUP was brought to the public hearing. An application made by local resident, Gary Brown, involved establishing Gary Brown Mountain Motors in Garden Valley at 1127 Banks Lowman Road. This would include an impounding yard working with ACT Towing business.  There are storage units that will be made usable by the community as well.

The plan is for a car dealership of twenty cars. The driveways for the towing and the dealership would have gravel. There were plans for adequate parking.  No public opposition was presented.

Planning and Zoning Commission approved most of the site conditions but had concerns over the possibility of cars being brought in to the impound yard that could be leaking hazardous fluids.  Brown said he can put a pan under vehicles to catch any leaks. This was met with opposition by the board and they wanted to have further information from DEQ to see if there were any challenges with this method of catching oils.

By suggestion of Attorney Steven Meade, the commission tabled the application until further findings were met. Re-opening the public hearing would be at the next meeting which is November 16, 2017.  Brown was upset that this process was taking so long and left the meeting unhappy that he is having to wait another month for a decision. DEQ is part of the Planning and Zoning checklist of agencies contacted prior to a public hearing, but the staff felt it reasonable to have time to ask DEQ specifically about methods of catching leaks on a gravel surface.

Two appeals will be heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission at a Special Meeting on Thursday November 2, 2017. This meeting is at 6:30pm in the Idaho City Public Safety Building conference room located at 3851 Hwy 21.  One appeal involves the applicants of the 3 Springs Hunting Ranch in Horseshoe Bend seeking a reversal of the P&Z decision to impose certain site conditions in order to meet approval.

The other appeal involves another reversal of decisions made by P&Z commissioners regarding the 3 Springs Hunting Ranch. Kerri Pattee-Krosch requested the appeal of the Game Bird Preserve/Hunting Ranch indicating that P&Z did not consider surrounding property owner rights in their decision. Krosch also felt there was a conflict of interest being that one of the board members should not participate in any discussions or votes which may have already caused prejudice in the decision making process. Her concerns are for the cattle that would be grazing on adjacent properties. She specifically wants to address many errors she felt were made by the P&Z commissioners.

The CUP applications and Appeals can be reviewed further on the county website at . The public is always encouraged to come to meetings and can give oral testimonies at public hearings.

Rosemary Powers Ardinger- Mores Creek Area, Charles Haupt- Idaho City Area, Dan Gasiorowski-Placerville Area, John Jauregui -Garden Valley Area and Edith Williams -Horseshoe Bend Area make up the current P&Z Commissioners. Recently, the Boise County Commissioners approved two more positions be available to fill out a seven member board. Contact the P&Z office or any Boise County Commissioner with questions. Boise County Planning and Zoning, 413 Main Street, P.O. Box 1300, Idaho City, Idaho, 83631 and Phone: 208-392-2293.

Written by Janet Juroch