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Horseshoe Bend Flight Park Hosted Program “Strong the Wind Blows”

About 40 guests attended the event “Strong the Wind Blows,” hosted by the Horseshoe Bend Flight Park operators/owners Justin Boers and Scott Edwards on October 7th.

The evening began with the attending paragliders taking wing and showing their skill and acrobatics, catching the last rays of a beautiful warm fall sunset over the Payette River. As the evening progressed, the hosts provided a hearty meal, fire to keep war and good Q & A about the sport, their goals and why they chose Horseshoe Bend as a location for their Flight Park.  

HSB Flight Park

Photo Credit Benjamin Jordan

Highlight of the evening was a pre-release screening of Canadian professional paraglider, adventurer and photographer Benjamin Jordan’s documentary “Strong the Wind Blows.” In search of clarity and meaning about our human need for affirmation and approval in navigating and mastering the “impossibles” in our lives, Ben was driven to embark on a solo, cross-country paraglider flight from Vancouver, across the Rocky Mountains and the Canadian wilderness, to Calgary; a feat that no one had ever attempted, let alone accomplished before him.

The insights Ben gained about depression, aspirations, setbacks, even desperation and fear of failure resonated with everyone in the audience, young and old, rich and not so rich, fellow paragliders and “grounders,” as we all face similar challenges and the need for approval and affirmation of our dreams.  What Ben’s lecture brought to light is that this validation we all seek can only be found within ourselves, by overcoming our own fears, living in the present and fearlessly embracing  the life we are meant to live. 

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Photos and Written by Edith Williams – HSB