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Car Dealership, Towing Service and Light Manufacturing Business on Public Hearing Agenda

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The next Planning and Zoning Public Hearing will be at the Garden Valley School beginning at 6:30 pm on October 19, 2017. A review of Conditional Use Permits involves one business proposal in Garden Valley and one in Horseshoe Bend.

The first is #CUP 2017-010 application by Gary Brown and Scott Kohn. Proposed land use is for Gary Brown Mountain Motors auto sales, ACT towing service with an impound yard along. Eventual plans will include storage units at 1127 Banks Lowman Rd. in Garden Valley. Operation hours will be 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week with a 24/7 towing service.

The application narrative explains that the proposed business will fit in with the other nearby businesses, including the Chevron/Subway, a lumber yard and a well drilling business. Storage buildings that currently belong to Don Weilmunster will be turned over to the applicant for use as storage spaces for the community.

The dealership will be a small business on one acre with only about 20 vehicles for sale at any one time. There is an existing A-frame building. The large shop in the rear has an established office in the front with bathroom facilities.  Plans are to display two to four vehicles in the front of the building during the day and place them in the locked and fenced-in area at night. Any other vehicles will be kept in the fenced back lot. There will not be abandoned or junk vehicles on the site.

Brown is a retired Sheriff of Boise County. Brown states, “We want to become involved with the ambulance/fire/law enforcement and schools. Now that we are at the age to be considered senior citizens we will get involved with the Senior Citizen Center.”  Co-owner Pamela Brown is a Notary Public and will be available to help in that compacity.

Gary Brown’s Mountain Motors wants to make the site appealing along the Scenic By-Way by cleaning up 1127 Banks to Lowman Road property, mowing down the waist high weeds and spraying for any new growth. They intend to create a pleasant view with their business.

Second Public Hearing is #CUP 2017-011 for B&D Precision to operate a manufacturing and engineering business for back-country ski equipment at 25 Lois Lane, Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629. Applicant is William Bollinger.

Proposed are two structures at 2,496 square feet each on a 4.71 acre parcel. Nearby is the Lois Lane subdivision with residences and barns with agricultural zoning. This business would be open Monday through Saturday from 6am-6pm and a total of 2 employees.

The Bollingers are moving an already existing business to start up in Horseshoe Bend. Application indicates a small mom and pop indoor manufacturing business in which back country ski equipment is built, along with design engineering and job shop machining. The Bollingers plan to grow with the ability to employ 1-3 local young locals interested in engineering and manufacturing. This would be an opportunity to learn about the field and possibly develop skills in it.

The applicants have explained how quiet the business is and never had complaints from their neighbors while in operation in Shasta County, California. Their nearest neighbor was only 60 feet away. Applicants say they will blend in with the community which follow the Boise County Unified Land Ordinance (ULO) and the Boise County Comprehensive Plan.

All impacts have been considered including impact to natural resources, smoke smells, noise, waste, and traffic. Bollinger explains, in the application, that there is no more impact in these areas than any normal residence. Proposed building completion is December 2017 with the business to move in the latter part of 2018.

The complete CUP applications can be reviewed on the county website at Last day to accept written comments is on October 13, 2017 by 5:00 P.M. Oral testimony will be accepted at the public hearing. Please Send comments to: Boise County Planning & Zoning Department, P.O. Box 1300 / 413 Main Street, Idaho City, Idaho, 83631.

Written by Janet Juroch