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Ceramic Artist Has a Whimsical Animal Theme

Susan Mattson, ceramic artist, has featured show at GVCA for October. Photo by Janet Juroch

The Garden Valley Center for the Arts celebrated a new art show with ceramic artist Susan Mattson from Missoula, Montana. Her work spurred conversations of the quirky animals, particularly sheep and goats at the opening gala. Quickly it was determined that there are countless hours that go into each piece.

In the display that Mattson is standing by, she incorporated thousands a faces as part of the fur coat of the animal.  She said, “I wanted it to represent a crowd of people.” She explained that each face started with a little ball of clay and was placed one by one onto the form, pressed in and then each face was carved. This is a very time consuming process that she used on her sheep and goat forms.  But she showed variations of other animal bodies such as fluffy clouds against a blue sky. The thought provoking show will continue through the month of October.  

The gallery is open for viewing the show on most weekends – Friday, Saturday and Sunday form 11am-5pm.

Then the Christmas Show, featuring arts and crafts made by local artists, will fill the gallery for November and December.

By Janet Juroch

Photo:  Susan Mattson explains the art behind her creative ceramic animals for the October art show in Garden Valley.  Photo by Janet Juroch