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James Castle Arts Festival Filled Crouch with Activities

The rainy weather went away but cooler breezes accompanied the James Castle Arts Festival Day in Crouch. There was something for everyone as the community ushered in the Fall season.


Practicing using the ramp….

Joni Harms and the Harms Way Band entertained with a free concert in downtown Crouch.


Student art was displayed for a James Castle Kid’s Art Show. These students used envelopes much the way Castle used these same ordinary things.


Fifth Grade students created books which were a favorite art of James Castle. These items were made using recycled cardboard, string, paper and black crayon to imitate Castle’s art.

Marla Egerton gave a presentation of the history, life and art of James Castle.



Examples of student art using cardboard and other items to create “friends” that were similar to James Castle had for companions.




Cami Waltman and her brother Lancer Waltman were having fun trying out  a ride in the Soap Box Derby car.


The more experienced racer went head to head with starting ramps that gave more speed to the racing experience.




James Castle Festival in Crouch was a full day of activities starting off with the Historical Museum fundraiser pancake breakfast to ending with a Soap Box Derby car racing for the kids in the center of town. During the day there was the Kid’s Art Show depicting art with similarities to what Castle would have created. A presentation gave much history of the Castle art and his family that lived in the area, with photos of many art pieces James Castle created. The afternoon was full of music with local Dick Polley to start off the tunes. Then Jacob Bryant Johnson took stage followed by Joni Harms and the Harms Way Band. Afterwards, many people went to the Library Gala and Fundraiser for creating a Community Sharespace program. Others stayed around to rally around the kids as they tried their racing skills in a wooden car similar to a Soap Box Derby car. While the evening  racing event took place, there was birthday cake to celebrate James Castle at the Garden Valley Center for the Arts. 


The festival was sponsored by GVCA and the music in part with the Greater Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Written by and Pictures/Video taken by Janet Juroch