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Medicap Pharmacy is Coming to Garden Valley

A full service Medicap Pharmacy is coming to Garden Valley inside the Garden Valley Market.  It will be operated by pharmacists, Devin Trone and John Amini.  “We are very excited to come to Garden Valley and Boise County and grateful to be a part of this beautiful area of Idaho” says Trone. They already operate two Medicap Pharmacy’s in Meridian and Parma, Idaho.

The Garden Valley Medicap Pharmacy will be operated as a Tele-pharmacy.  It will be like any other pharmacy except that the pharmacist will be on camera in the “computing cloud” thanks to today’s technology. That enables the pharmacist to be available at all times via camera with real time interaction between the pharmacy staff and the patient for counseling and questions and support. The onsite staff will be a well-seasoned Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician.

The pharmacy is projecting to open in November. October was their initial goal but Trone says, “There is a lot of bureaucracy of getting a pharmacy up and going. The pharmacy must meet all the different licensing. Special numbers must be obtained, coupled with the insurance contracting and set up. We are waiting on the prescription insurances contracting period to finish which takes 3 to 4 months,” explains Trone.

“We will know [projected opening] once we get more bearing on where we are in the insurance set up stage.” says Trone. Aside from the cabinetry and the tenant improvements at the grocery store, the pharmacy opening will be in a waiting mode.

Medicap Pharmacy should be able to take almost all prescription insurance plans, including Idaho Medicaid and Medicare. Trone confirms, “There are very few plans that we will not be able to take and even then, if we find one we are not set up with, we can petition for a contract.  I cannot remember the last time we could not process a prescription for someone on their particular insurance plan.”

The Medicap Pharmacy will be more than prescriptions. John Amini has a Fellowship in functional medicine as a specialist and Devin Trone is working on his credentials for this as well.  This means Amini is an expert in nutritional supplements that “we like to call nutraceuticals”. Trone explains further, “Vitamins are no longer just multi-vitamins and the likes of vitamin C.  We use Medical Clinical grade supplements that are of higher grade and in some cases big pharma likes technology to support disease states and health problems.”

Medicap Pharmacy is home based in Meridian. They are known as the place to get consulting and advice on what vitamins and nutraceuticals one should take given certain diagnosis and disease states.  Trone reports that, “We have found that in some cases, nutraceuticals do a safer and better job in supporting certain diagnosis than prescription medications.  We let our patients know if there is nutrient depletion associated with their prescription medications. We perform consults on different diagnosis to help support health problems and disease states on a private personal level.”  Clients can expect the pharmacist to be on video screen sharing recommendations and advice on nutraceuticals that they will have on hand for purchase at the pharmacy, in addition to prescription medications.

A unique function of the Medicap Pharmacy is they are a certified and accredited compounding pharmacy.  That means they mix and make medication from scratch at the Meridian compounding lab.  They make all sorts of dosage forms: capsules, creams, suspensions, solutions, gels, trans-dermal products, rapid dissolve tabs, lozenges, suppositories for dosing in hormones, pain, dental, pediatric, veterinarian/pets, in between doses, combined dosing, etc. Then those medicines can be delivered or shipped to the local pharmacy for pick up or sent directly to a patient’s home from the Meridian lab.

Amini and Trone are dedicated to caring for their patients.  Trone explains their focus. “We want those that come to us to be more than a customer. We want to treat you as a friend and family.  We want to take an interest in you.  Anyone can be a numberless face at the corner drug store or with a mail order pharmacy. We want to help our patients with everything from their prescription medication, to nutraceutical support, to adherence with different types of prescription packaging. This extends to the smile and care when you head home.”

Written by Janet Juroch