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Stay Informed with the Boise County Alert System

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With the school season starting that means that fall is around the corner and then comes winter.  There are many new residents in Boise County that do not know about the system that can bring emergency alerts and updates right to your cell phone and landline. Information does not go anywhere but to the alert system.

Signing up to receive alerts from Boise County is a FREE service for our residents. It is called AlertSense. This system will give you emergency updates of concern to your area.  The system works to get information to as many residents as possible to inform about avalanches, roads, weather events, floods, boil water orders and more.  Some alerts will come as a recording.  Some, such as weather alerts, can come to emails.  Staying informed by utilizing this service will help provide news that could impact your home or area where you live. This helps the community to respond or avoid situations.

Please note that these calls show up on caller ID as Worley, Idaho and show a number as 208-231-1488.  Many people screen their calls and would not answer calls showing this identification.  Calls can come from the Boise County Sheriff Office as a recording and may be alerts of a local missing person. These are different from the statewide Amber Alerts.

The system is designed to call only those residents that are going to be impacted by a certain event. There will not be unnecessary calls. The system is very localized to calling the residents that have signed up in the area of impact.

To do a free sign up go to: and find the link for the AlertSense sign up. It only takes a few minutes. You provide your address and preferred method(s) of contact. Adding your address will allow tailoring alerts that pertain to your geographical area. Check off all the boxes including avalanches to get reports in your area if needed. A reminder that these alerts are provided free of charge, however standard text messaging rates and other charges may apply.

Written by Janet Juroch