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“Rock the Bald” at Weilmunster Park Today – July 29

Cindy Pettit-hill, event organizer for Garden Valley has been shaving every year for over 10 years or more. She loves the shorter hair! And so does her husband!

The Garden Valley St. Baldricks’ fundraiser begins at 1:00pm until 5:00pm at Weilmunster Park.  People are coming to get their heads shaved to show solidarity with kids with cancer and “rocking the bald”.  The money goes to the St. Baldricks Foundation to help fund cancer research for the childhood cancer. No child should suffer or parent should have to watch their child go through this!  Honored kids will be part of the program, some survivors and some have passed on.  Here their stories while enjoying the fun as well.

There will be a silent auction, Dickey’s BBQ, treats to purchase, ice cream and more surprises. Come challenge, watch or even get your own head shaved.  The ribbing will be fun!  Come see local celebs and friends go bald!!

Get your morning chores done – Plenty of time to come this afternoon!