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Garden Valley School Preparing for the Coming 2017-2018 Year

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*** Remember: School starts Tuesday August 22nd ***

Garden Valley School Board continues to meet through the summer and tackling topics in preparation for the coming year. The last meeting on July 11, 2017, set the board for the coming fiscal year.  One change was Alan Ward stepped off the duties as Chairman with Rosemary Koenig acquiring that position. Ward will now be Vice Chair. The Board of Trustees also retained Pat Marion as Treasurer and Trustees, Tom Swanson and Mark Krepps. Superintendent/Principal Greg Alexander was also present at the meeting

Approval of continuing posting the Agenda was set for The Garden Valley Post Office, Lowman Ranger Station and the Garden Valley School foyer. Designated times for the Regular meetings for the school Board is the second Tuesday of the month at the Garden Valley School Flex Room at 6:00pm. Committee assignments were also established and Assistant Treasurers are Stephany Corn and Lydia Callaway.

Nurse Kim Kahre reported on school required vaccinations.  She stated that there were some families that still need to meet those requirements.  The Board was interested in following Idaho Code to make sure either vaccines are completed or Exemption Form be filled out.  In order to be allowed to attend school students must be maintaining the vaccination schedules. Exemption forms can be obtained by the school nurse and would be required if parents do not want to follow a vaccination program. There will be notifications sent out to parents to follow requirements by a set date or students cannot come to class.

Sports schedules will be coming up and not much in changing coaches, with the exception of, Mike Chandler becoming the coach for the girls’ softball. Christy Morgan lead a discussion about the potential for a softball diamond at the school.  The trustees were asking for a report back with a more detailed plan of location and what it will take to maintain the area. Christy had people who might volunteer to get the diamond set up with no cost to the school.

Currently there is not a place for “realistic” softball practice at the school. Nor is there a place for other schools to come and play in Garden Valley.  The girls practice at the local Community Church fields, but often are busy with leagues using that field. Games are played in Horseshoe Bend at their school diamonds. The people supporting girls’ softball want to develop a place for the school sport. Christy will come back with another report to the board.

The Solar Eclipse planning on school grounds is mostly in place. Kim Kahre has porta-potties ordered and they are hoping that many will come to see the eclipse with a speaker from Boise leading everyone through the eclipse viewing. There will be food and water.  Different school clubs and sports groups will be having food and beverages as a fund raising event for their own projects. Viewing on the property will be for the day of the eclipse only. Pricing will be twenty dollars per car and one-hundred dollars for an RV space.

New teachers are Jeanine Bailey, Science and Math teacher John Haworth.

As always, the Board of Trustees goes over school policies to see if there needs to be updating at least every other year. The policies are grouped so that the trustees can look over each one carefully to see what might need updating to current protocol and activities.

NOTE: High school football practice begins on August 7th  with the first game at Notus on August 25th at 7:00pm.  HS Volleyball Practice begins August 11th  with their first game at home against Liberty Charter School starting at 6:00pm.

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff