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The Middlefork Trailhead Gearing Up for the Mountain Lifestyle

Storefront on the Boardwalk in rustic Crouch, Idaho. Photo by Janet Juroch

“Live Outdoors” is the theme of a new store opening in rustic downtown Crouch. Owners, Rich and Theresa Smith are happy to announce the upcoming Grand Opening of The Middlefork Trailhead on July 29th, 2017. Their location is on the boardwalk next to the radio station and will be supplying the area with products suited for the activities of outdoor enthusiasts.

No stranger to the Idaho back country and activities related to the outdoors, the Rich family comes from the Melba and Nampa areas. Selling their working ranch was the goal the Rich’s made so they could move to Garden Valley and start a business. Their son, Billy Joe, now 16 years old and actively working in the store, said, “This type of business in Garden Valley has always been their dream and that is why they worked so hard farming and ranching for so many years.”

The Rich’s are preparing for the official opening and still stocking many supplies this week. Theresa explains the concept of how they want to please the community with useful products. She says, “This will be a community driven product line. We want the community to tell us what they want and use.” The Riches have even installed a box outside the store for requests and comments.

The store will be supplying all items meant for the outdoor enthusiast. This could be products for camping, hunting and mountain lifestyle products. Many items will make great gifts as well as continual use products such as foodie specialty items to enhance the outdoor cooking hobbyists and game preparations. Inventory will also include supplies for fishing, and water sports.

Name brand clothing and apparel from recognized brands will available. Theresa says, “Our price points will be fair and competitive to outdoor stores in Boise. We want to make this the place to shop and avoid those trips to Boise.” This was evident as some people came in last week to see the Rich’s as they were setting up the store with new items that arrived. Immediately the customers bought three fishing poles and the store was not officially opened yet.

Rich and Billy Joe will be working in the store to assist customers since they are avid outdoorsmen themselves. They will be able to answer questions or help order requested items. Archery enthusiasts will be glad to know that Rich is setting up an area for working on bows.  He will have a bow press, string bows and repair fletching.  He will also have products for archers to do their own work.

Hunters will find products including top name game calls. Rich explains that “we will be carrying the best elk calls on the market such as Rocky Mountain and Bugling Bull game calls.” He also has a line of outdoor cameras that can be used for “seeing the critters that come around at night.” Rich says that many people are not even hunters but just like to set up cameras to see the wildlife on their porches during the night.”  Ammo and hunting/fishing licensing will be in their plans, also. 

As the store grows, they are wanting to offer waterproof, tear resistant Tyvex™ maps by hunting season. “We will be offering custom printing of any map,” confirms Theresa, adding, “We will be offering custom printing of any maps or documents you may need right on site.”  The bike enthusiasts and hikers will find this useful too.

Anything need for seasonal activities and sports can be found. Often tourists come to the area and have forgotten supplies, even a sleeping bag or rope, and The Middlefork Traihead wants to provide for those needs. This also includes items for ATV/UTV. There is always room for special orders as well.

The Middlefork Traihead is located at 19 Market St., Garden Valley, Idaho in the city of Crouch. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with new products for the changing season at or call 208-462-5966.

Written/Photos by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff