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Flight Park in Horseshoe Bend Getting Ready to Soar

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Horseshoe Bend may have a 910 acre Flight Park in their future, featuring freeflight sports.  The Boise County Planning and Zoning Commissioners will have a chance to review the Conditional Use Permit on Thursday, August 17th, 2017, at the Horseshoe Bend Ladies Club Hall, 121 W. Boise St. in Horseshoe Bend. The CUP Hearing begins at 6:30pm.

The park would be operating a place for freeflight paragliding and offer instructional training. Camping would also be available. The location is set to be adjacent to the HSB Transfer Station which is on the Old Emmett Road.  CUP 2017-008 applicants and owners are Justin Boer from Hawaii and Scott Edwards of Boise, Idaho.  The owner of the acreage is Steve Loomis, Manager of Jesse LLC in Boise, has set an agreement for the land to be used as a flight park and school.

A Flight Park will provide an area for sports enthusiasts who enjoy learning recreational flight activities. This would include flights with the use of a parachute or fixed wing equipment, normally considered as motorized and non-motorized paragliding and hang gliding. These are considered a more gentle and slower approach to sailing through the air.

A newer winter activity such as speed-flying (or speed riding) is an extreme sport that involves a combination of paragliding and skiing. This air sport is also being considered as part of the HSB Flight Park business plan. The glider is a smaller fabric wing and the person stays closer to a steep hill to get a fast ski ride.  Speed Range can be between 20-90 miles per hour. This sport is gaining in popularity.

According to the application, the Flight Park wants to capitalize on the growing interest of the sport and bring people to HSB for that experience. Along with having a place for experienced “pilots” to fly, people can come and obtain USHPA freeflight certifications with tandem flights and “first time students who want a conservative approach to paragliding progression.”

Training at the site would consist of no more than 25 people.  In the application, morning would be set for the novice pilots to attend the schooling and practice on training hills. Experienced pilots will need to meet requirements, certifications and sign waivers before they are shuttled to the top of the hill and fly down to the landing zone. There is also the opportunity to just hike and fly for pilots seeking more of an adventure on trails.

The HSB Flight Park wants to also host some events to bring more awareness and exposure to the sport. Applicants see this as a positive experience for the whole community. Camping on site can be available for events and limited to 25 sites with same for parking spaces.

The public can submit written comments to P&Z Dept. no later than 5:00pm on August 10, 2017. A comment form is available on the county website. Oral comments can be made at the public hearing. The local community is always encouraged to attend these meetings.

Considerations by P&Z commissioners is that the park be conforming to the Unified Land Ordinance. Structures, facilities, health and safety will be reviewed.  The applicants also will comply with the Boise County Comprehensive Plan’s goals and objectives.  For a more extensive look at the Flight park CUP, pricing and the business plan, go the county website at

CUP 017-008 Comment Form (Form to print)

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff

2 Comments on Flight Park in Horseshoe Bend Getting Ready to Soar

  1. This flight park is very exciting for the Idaho free flight community. Idaho has a lot of great flying spots but is lacking something like this. The Horseshoe Bend flight park will provide an awesome spot to learn, fly, and train year round. I can’t wait to go back and fly there again once they are up and running. I travel all the way from the east coast for flying opportunities such as this.

  2. Andy Wingett // July 31, 2017 at 9:25 am //

    My name is Andy and I have been speedfling and doing freeflight sports in Idaho for five years. I am excited for a legitimate flightpark to come to our community. A place like this will attract athletes and pilots from all over the country. This will provide us an opportunity refine our skills in a controlled environment and exchange knowledge that will enhance our safety. I look forward flying at this location more and hope that the city of Horseshoe Bend will welcome this new attraction in there community.

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