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Planning and Zoning to Review CUP for GV and Lowman Businesses

More and more, businesses are looking to Garden Valley and Lowman as a place where the economy can grow and provide offerings for tourists as well as jobs for the locals. Two applications for Conditional Use (CUP) permits reflect that.  Planning and Zoning will have a Public Hearing on July 27, 2017at 6:30pm in the Flex Room of the Garden Valley School located on 851 Bank-Lowman Rd. Written comments can be made 7 days prior to the hearing and there can be public comment at the meeting as well.

One business, the Edge Resort of Garden Valley is no stranger to P&Z.  A planned resort has been presented in phases to the P&Z board. This has been met with some opposition from a resident of Garden Valley along with an appeal process before the Board of County Commissioners. The appeal was rejected because the resort did not affect a person who lives around 9 miles away from the area of impact.

At this Public Hearing there will be an amended CUP hearing.  The 28 acre parcel of land is at 851 and 849 Banks-Lowman Rd. and owned by Tim and Denise Fritzley. Their development plans include a convenience store with 5-7 employees with up to 10 part time employees. Plans for a residential home for the manager. A lodge that can also cater to events like weddings will have 5 -10 full time employees and up to 30part time employees.  There will also be an RV park with 4-6 full time employees and up to 10 part time employees during the summer season.

Fritzley has gone through permitting processes for development of trails, water and stream developments, parking, gardens, road easements and more. Stream restoration and landscaping in a flood plain are also addressed. Details of the CUP is 25 pages and covers all criteria needed for the application.

The other application for the CUP is a bed and breakfast in Lowman. Owner is Carol Stockton who is developing her B&B named Eagle Horizons Mountain Oasis at 15 Memory Lane in Lowman. In the narrative to the P&Z board, Stockton will have to show how the plan will meet requirements of the Unified Land Ordinance and impact reports. Plans include landscaping, site grading, lighting plans, irrigation and noxious weed plans. The site plot will show utilities and any phases to the project.

The plan will look at an existing 3,232 square foot two story building used as a B&B and residential dwelling since 1995. A proposed plan is to construct a garage and ten parking spaces. The proposed operational hours is 24/7 and here will be no additional employees. Stockton’s desire is to make sure everything is up to the current ULO requirements.

Planning for a CUP is a detailed project and paperwork is lengthy. To review these CUP applications, go to the county website of Then use the Planning and Zoning tab to find the CUP applications.  Public comment must be in to P&Z office in Idaho City by July 19. Instructions are on the website. When attending the P&Z meeting, there is time for oral public comment as well. The public is welcomed to the meetings to hear about new business plans in your own areas.

Written by Janet Juroch- BCC Staff