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Fines Included in an Updated County Outdoor Burn Ordinance

Written by Janet Juroch- BCC Staff

Boise County – A brand new outdoor burn ordinance, cited as the Boise County Preventative Burn Ordinance 2017-01 was completed on June 27, 2017. It was set due the higher frequency and very large wildfires that have happened in recent years. The County Commissioners have seen the results of catastrophic fires and through consultations with other fire agencies, the possibility remains high that there will be more. This repeals the Boise County Ordinance 2014-03.

Portions of the ordinance is based on Idaho Fire Code, which is the 2015 International Fire Code and adopted by the Idaho Code 41-252. Enacting the new ordinance is deemed important to the safety, health and prosperity of the county. It is up to the county commissioners to oversee the protection of public and private property, while caring for the inhabitants of the county.

Much is the same in that open burning is not allowed between July 1 and October 20th. There are approved designated campfire sites such as those at campgrounds or sites designed appropriately to requirements. Anyone over 18 can burn a 3 foot diameter by 2 feet high fuel bed fire, with 10 feet of clearance from ground fuel and at least 50 feet away from a building. The fire must be attended until cold and the means to extinguish the fire must be available.

Fires must be in compliance or face penalties. A fire department officer on scene has the authority to extinguish fires not in compliance or are a threat and the Sheriff has agreed to enforce the Ordinance which carries a $1000 fine as a misdemeanor. The ordinance states that when any particular fire creates or adds to a hazardous situation or if an unauthorized fire exists, the sheriff and the sheriff deputies are also authorized to extinguish or to order extinguishment of the fire. Fires within city boundaries are exempt.

Below is the actual ordinance……