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New Informational Signs Helpful as Tourists Visit Garden Valley


There are now the blue informational signs that give tourists a heads up to know where certain places are and which local radio station to tune into.  After months of Planning and Zoning decisions for consideration and detailed approval from the Boise County Road and Bridge Department, the signs are in place.  Letting tourists know this information along the roadways is helpful.

Signs were made for KXGV-LP, 98.6FM Radio in Garden Valley to let people know where to tune in on the radio dial. The sign locations for the radio are placed on the Middlefork Road north of Crouch and another one as drivers enter Crouch on the south end of the Middlefork Rd.

The other sign is giving direction to turn towards Crouch to find the Garden Valley Center for the Arts, The GV/Crouch Historical Museum and the Garden Valley Visitor Information Center. One sign is on Banks Lowman Road before the turn-off to Crouch.  The other is also on Banks Lowman Rd. close to the Davey’s Bridge for those traveling from Lowman, heading west.

Informational signs help road users know what might be in towns along the traveled areas.  The idea is to bring tourists in by turning into Crouch. Once they drive through tourists can then see other shops and restaurants available.  This makes for good economic development for the area.

Rich Smith, Board Member of the Community Radio station, said, “While I agree that we don’t want to see a forest of signs that without county approval,” he admitted that is quite the process to get a sign on the road. Approval must be made by the County Commissioners and the County Road department after application approval through Planning and Zoning sign ordinance rules. The blue highway signs must meet specific standards for size and lettering. This keeps uniformity in signage along the highways and county roads.

The costs of the blue signs is not cheap either, but they are important in providing good information.  Many travelers pass through the Garden Valley area, unaware that there is a lot to offer just by taking the Crouch turnoff.   With cell service not readily available along Banks Lowman Rd to look at maps n phones, the signs should help people find their destination or services easily.

Photos/Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff