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Important Note to Agencies Regarding the Solar Eclipse

Note:  This information is about promotion of the solar eclipse by governmental agencies.  Businesses and individuals are able to promote the Solar Eclipse 2017.  Government entities, cities and counties should not promote or advertise to bring in a huge influx of people as this will affect the work of declaring Emergency Declaration.  Boise County is not prepared for this type of event due to limited resources and a large county with limited road access to any town. If reported thousands of people come to be in the path of totality there could be situations requiring funding for emergency relief.


From the Office of Boise County Emergency Management…

Concerning the eclipse, if any Boise County government entity promotes the eclipse for their area we will not be eligible for any support from the State. I’m currently working on an Emergency Declaration for Boise County to be signed and in place in the event we need support from the state. I have been told that the Idaho Office of Emergency Management may not help us out if we have county personnel, cities or towns promoting the event to get people into their area. This doesn’t include private citizens or businesses. If you work for the county, cities or towns please do not promote the Eclipse especially from any county connected social media site. I do not have the authority to force anyone to not promote this event but it could hurt the county financially, which means our tax dollars if we were to not get aid from the State if needed. Please disseminate as necessary. Thank you.

Robert D. Showalter
Emergency Management Coordinator
Boise County Public Safety
P.O.Box 189
Idaho City, ID 83631
Phone: 208 392-4411
Cell: 208-807-0082
Fax: 208-392-4108

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  1. Bob –
    It would be helpful if someone could give us an idea of how many people will be coming to view the eclipse. It’s like being in the headlights of a truck, the size of which we don’t know.

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