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Annual Garden Tour Tackles Growing Plants in the Mountains

Peonies - Photo by Lorraine Bollinger

July 15, 2017 in Garden Valley folks can meet at 9:30am at the Community Church parking area to join the free Garden Tour. Right now there are four gardens to tour. Usually the tours are finished by noon. As always bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and water. Bring a pencil and paper to jot down notes since the gardeners will give helpful hints given by the owners of each garden site.

“It is wonderful way to get to know others interested in gardening and share gardening ideas,” according to Anita Sherwood, local gardener aficionado in the Garden Valley area. She explains that each garden is very unique so as people visit they can learn how to plan gardens with similar ideas. The gardens are not publicized so that only invited people can come to view the work. These gardens will include vegetable and flower gardening.

Anita explains that raising any type of garden in the mountains has its own unique challenges, besides a short growing season. The soil often needs work to condition it by adding a variety of product that will enrich the soil or balance the alkalinity. Often another disadvantage is that the wildlife munch on particular flowers and vegetables.  These so called “problems” will be addressed. Anita reassures anyone that “a garden can be grown in the mountains.” She says, “You just can’t plan to stick a plant or seed in the ground and expect it to grow.  There is work that needs to be done to fit the various soils in the area.”

Children are welcome to come also as long as they are with their parents. This is an enjoyable time for learning.  Sometimes there are treats offered from the gardeners as well.  Just remember to bring items for a potentially warm and sunny morning. Meet at the Community Church which is located on the Middlefork Road about three miles north of Crouch.

Written by Janet Juroch -BCC Staff

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