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Music in the Park Event Ushered in the Summer

Introspection - Photo by Janet Juroch

A Thank You Message from Julie:  Thank you Steve Fulton Music, AudioLab and Andy Byron and the Lost River Band, Introspection, Dick Polley and Middle Fork Revival for contributing your time and talent to our First Annual Music in the Park! Community Supporters: GGVCC, GV Senior Center/Granny’s Closet, GVCA, GV Recreational District, and GV Community Radio. Program Sponsors: Uncle Billy Bob’s, GV Properties, Allred’s Adventures, Idaho X Sports, Sun Country Salon, Hellbent for Leather Photos, The Pad, Crystal River Logworks and Jamie Anderson Family.


Garden Valley – Summer is settling in with very warm and sunny days and the Music in the Park event was a fitting festival of music and relaxation.  The heat may have kept some of the people away, but was a treat for the many folks soaking up sun and music all afternoon.  The event was declared successful by vendors and the bands because they want to do this again in the beautiful Garden Valley setting.

Steve Fulton Band – Photo by Janet Juroch

The vendors set up in Weilmunster Park with antiques to food. The bands started at noon and went on past 6:00pm.  Many people stayed for the full afternoon.  Julie Hutchcroft was instrumental in getting all the planning done for the event.  The intention is to do this event around the 4th of July each year.

Julie admitted that this first year is always a “trial event” to see if everything in the park would work for a good outcome. Next year the plans by Parks and Recreation District to have the electrical upgraded to allow for not only bands to play but have additional vendors that require electricity.  This is a definite attraction to creating many types of events in Weilmunster Park.

The park was very green in many areas where people could sit and where the vendors could set up. Usually at this time of year the park grounds are not so saturated. There were still many soft areas from recent river and rain flooding in the 13 acre park.  There was still plenty of room for the event goers.