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An Independence Day Message from the Boise County Sheriff Office

Boise County welcomes all comers to celebrate the Fourth of July at its many celebrations and festivities. The Boise County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) encourages everyone to exercise caution while celebrating this patriotic day. As many of you already know, setting off fireworks on any public lands anywhere in the State of Idaho is illegal because of the concern over forest fires.

There will be Independence Day celebrations in various locations and communities within Boise County including Idaho City, Horseshoe Bend, Garden Valley / Crouch and Placerville, as well as various others. Please check the Idaho World and Boise County Connection for details and exact locations of these events and others.

The City of Crouch has adopted an ordinance that prohibits the use of any fireworks within the main areas of the city limits. The city and its merchants will be having their annual celebration within the traditional area of town, including their parade and booths, but fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Many individuals in the Crouch and Garden Valley area may still wish to enjoy fireworks on this Fourth of July. Mr. Youren has graciously agreed to allow any individuals who wish to light off fireworks to come to the Garden Valley Arena, located at 10 Anderson Creek Road in Garden Valley. Mr. Youren is allowing only fireworks that are legal under Idaho law to be set off in his arena, and wishes to promote a family-friendly atmosphere. For a definition of what constitutes legal fireworks, you can look under Idaho State Code Title 39 Chapter 26. No alcohol will be served at this arena but concession stands will be available.

As always, BCSO will be providing for public safety, preserving the peace and investigating alleged criminal activity. In addition, the Idaho State Police will have additional personnel patrolling the state highways within Boise County. BCSO will have personnel strategically placed throughout the county to handle all calls to service and public safety.

BCSO also encourages all citizens that attend any our local events, to donate to the merchants and citizens that are hosting safe areas for displaying your patriotism.