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Aerial Fireworks Cannot Be Sold in Idaho Starting Immediately

This is a report shared by news outlet KTVB News 7 in Boise, Idaho 

AG’s Office: Aerial fireworks now illegal to buy in Idaho

KTVB June 27, 2017

BOISE — Aerial fireworks will no longer be legal to sell to the public in Idaho, according to an Idaho Attorney General’s Office opinion announced Tuesday morning.

The ruling effectively closes a loophole that allowed the sale of aerial fireworks as long as the purchaser signed an agreement saying he or she would not set them off in the state limits.

Fire chiefs have long opposed the loophole, arguing it is ineffective at actually stopping people from setting off illegal fireworks, and leads to dangerous and expensive human-set fires like the 2,500-acre blaze Table Rock Fire, which was started with an illegal firework last summer.

The AG’s opinion directs retailers to immediately remove the illegal aerial fireworks from their shelves. Aerial fireworks for a public display, like the kind hosted by the City of Boise, will still be allowed with the proper permit.


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  1. We have many people in our subdivision who shoot off illegal fireworks, is anyone enforcing these laws ? Do you a number we can call, or just 911 and report the activity

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