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Sandbagging Will be Critical as South Fork of the Payette River Rises

Lowman – Looks like the river will be testing sand bags later this week.

The South Fork Payette River is forecast to crest  at 7.3 feet Friday afternoon. That is above the action level of 7 feet and only a couple inches from minor flooding at 7.5 feet. You can follow the river level at:

The river crested at 7.72 feet in 2006 and 8.12 feet in 2010, most of us remember what that looked like, only seven years ago, so plan accordingly.

We still have sand and bags available at the Open Door Store. Call Fire Captain Bruce Lund at 259-3348 at the store for the particulars if you need to fill some bags to protect your property.

Sandbagging openings such as doorways and foundation vents is far easier than trying to keep the river in its banks. Use plastic sheeting and plywood to cover openings then apply sand bags to keep them in place. Move vehicles and trailers away from areas expected to flood before the water rises.

The river is high and fast making river activities riskier than usual. Pay Attention when around the river. There is still a lot of snow left to melt.

Thanks, Paul

Paul Rekow, Fire Chief

Lowman VFD