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GV Trail and Park Improvements Are Staying High on To Do List

Photo by Janet Juroch

The Garden Valley Parks and Recreation District is constantly developing new projects to make Weilmunster Park and the Garden Valley Trail system become a unique place for locals and visitors to enjoy. The recent regular meeting had a full agenda.  Board members present were Leigh Ward, – Chair, Sandra McLain – Treasurer and interim secretary, Don Weilmunster, Steven Menlove and Thor Oden.

Delegations came to speak about usage of the park for coming events.  Chris Gill represented the Syringa Club, which is a local philanthropic organization. She proposed looking at setting up a memorial representing all military divisions by where a flagpole will be established in the park. This would include stands with military emblems on each one and following protocol necessary. Board approved moving forward with this project.

Weilmunster Park in Garden Valley – Photo by Janet Juroch

Darl Allred of Allreds Adventures spoke about the Games in Park going on July 1st and. This is a Greater Garden Valley Chamber sanctioned event to go along with Music in the Park. He updated the board about vendors coming for July 1st and 4th with a possibility of carryover events on the 2nd. Board approved the event updates. Darl’s idea of doing family friendly fireworks on the cement basketball slab as a July 3rd event was met with disapproval.  The board felt cleaning the cement would be difficult after firework residue. Darl will consider using the parking lot instead.

James and Regan Byrd came representing the North Fork Championships organization to discuss their use of park for their event in June including camping. James says that everyone enjoys being in Crouch for their venue. Discussions of future camping in the park could determine if the NFC stays in this area. Sandy explains how allowing camping may set a precedence of other wanting to camp in the park.  She explained there will be an irrigation system soon and more trees planted this year. The board was not in favor of camping in the park, however, Thor did question stopping a “good group like this.”

James explained that the NFC is a growing event. James said, “We could cap the camping if that helps.”  The decision by the board was that after this year’s NFC event they could revisit everything again and make an acceptable plan.

Cindy Hill-Petit came to propose a St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser at the end of July and asked for use of the park for this event.  St. Baldricks is a national organization that raises money for childhood cancer by shaving heads.  Cindy has done these events in Colorado for 11 years and now being a GV resident would like to organize an event here with the GV Chamber as a sponsor. The board approve to use the park for the event.

Park improvements were looked at. Park maintenance bids will be needed once a plan is available. Basketball court completion and equipment installed once the park dries out. Holes will need to be dug for three metal garbage cans, fence post holes and various park signage. Board approved a split rail rustic fence which will limit car access to the grounds.

Other discussions, included expanding the electricity in the park to allow even more events with vendors. A decision was to aggressively prepare a plan that will decide long term electrical needs for the park. Changes will not be ready for upcoming events.

The board wants to pave the GV Trail. Surveys are planned to get community input for trail usage. A grant application will be written to seek funds from Idaho Parks and Rec to help with the costs. This will need to include letters from local agencies and businesses showing approval and interest in a paved trail for the community.

There are still many plans for the park to discuss including weed control, staining the pavilion, picnic shelters, a volleyball court and a playground. The position of Secretary on the Board is open as well. The public is welcomed to the meetings.  The next meeting is June 28 at 6:00 in the Library activity room.

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff