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Mountain Biking Opportunities for Youth Grow with Cycling League and Group Trail Rides

Praticing mountain biking on "Try It Out Day" Sponsored by the Idaho Interscholastic Mountain Biking League and Photo by Janet Juroch

An interest in the mountain biking sport has grown, especially with the Mountain Biking Club that formed last year at the Garden Valley School. Parents are also interested in what is viewed as a lifelong sport and joining their kids on the trails. The mountain biking club has monthly trail rides for the whole family. The opportunity to be in a cycling league has been exciting for the kids as well.

The Wolverine on Wheels club participates in the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League as the WOW team. Last year they went to different venues around the Southwestern part of the state to compete in racing events.  Despite not winning any races, kids are returning for the sheer excitement to try it again this summer. Families go to make a camping trip out of the weekend, which include places such as Galena Summit, Jug Mountain, Grand Targhee, Magic Mountain and Bogus Basin. The kids have their own races away from adult competitions.  Safety and fun is the whole plan for beginner riders to the advanced.

In response to the local kid’s interest in the sport, the Cycling League came to the school recently to give students a chance to ride a mountain bike and had a “Try It Out” day after school.  This was a non-competitive way for kids to see if they like riding a mountain bike.  A small trail was set up on the grassy hills alongside the school. Recruitment of new mountain bikers signed up, including girls, who are anxious to participate in the sport.  “We had a great turn-out and perfect weather for Try-it-Out day at the school. It seems that our club/team is growing!” says Scott Kahre, Garden Valley Mountain Biking Club Director.

The Idaho Cycling League has a fleet of quality mountain bikes and helmets for students who wish to participate in the July through October season of riding with the Wolverine on Wheels Team of Garden Valley. All that is required is to take care of the equipment, attend the regular team practices and try out 2 of the 5 races.  More information about the Loaner Bike Program is at or contact Scott Kahre at 208-514-6297.

The next club ride is Friday, June 2nd, 6:00pm at Terrace Lakes Pool parking lot. All ages can come and is a family friendly ride through the Terrace Lakes subdivision and then up Easley Creek on the fire roads.  The beginner group can turn around before it gets too steep, while those looking for a little more challenge can continue up Easley Creek to the summit above Scriver Creek.  Kahre says, “If time permits, we may be able to loop back on a different trail that ends with a challenging downhill section.  Obviously, we will finish before dark!”  As always, every rider is required to wear a helmet. Let Scott know if you don’t have a helmet and Scott can get one from some donations that were received last year.  The rides are open to families across the county who want to join in on the fun and begin a sport of adventure cycling.

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff