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A Library Full of Critters and Curious Kids

Sydney Scott with 27 year old parrot Chancey. Photo by Janet Juroch
The Garden Valley District Library had a Critter Day at the Library. Lots of people showed up to see anything from bats to snakes and other farm and domestic animals. Kids got to touch and feed some animals. Library Program Director has lots of programs like this where all ages can come and learn.  Hart has introduced robots to young and old, played games, made chocolate truffles and always encourages reading as part of the programs offered.  Come see what a library can do….it might surprise you. Visit their website and Facebook page for the calendar of events.  Photos by Janet Juroch
Taking a peek at the Ayan Cemani hens that only their blood and their eggs are not blackish color.   
The little baby calf got extra special treatment and kids got a chance to bottle feed her.
A Julianna pot bellied pig named Cranky Frankie, brought in by Liz Harold, gave kids a chance to touch and see how pigs are very smart.
A coral colored southwestern and rather large Gila Monster taught kids respect in how you touch the captive reptile.
Some kids allowed a non-poisonous Great Basin Gopher Snake to cuddle their  arm.
Sydney Scott, with her sisters looking on, had no problem wearing a 27 year old parrot named Chancey.