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Boise County Emergency Management Changing of the Guard

Boise County Emergency Management is changing!!  We have a new Emergency Management Coordinator on board, Robert (Bob) Showalter. Bob recently retired from the Army and Federal Service after 30 years of service. He and his wife have spent many years recreating in Boise County and have lived near Idaho City since 2012. Bob brings with him experience in management, safety, preparedness and a plethora of military training in many areas. He says he’s “all in” when it comes to Emergency Management and serving the citizens of Boise County.

Bob and John Roberts will be working together for the next several months, dealing with fires, floods and other emergencies which may arise in the county. John will eventually move to a Wildfire Mitigation position within Boise County government, to assist landowners in mitigating their risk of wildfire.


 Bob Showalter

Phone: 208 807-0082


John P. Roberts

Phone: 208 807-0073

Please include both of us in your Emergency Management email correspondence. You may discard any other phone numbers for Boise County Emergency Management