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Agenda for Garden Valley Recreation District Board of Directors

Weilmunster Park in Garden Valley - Photo by Janet Juroch

Public is encouraged to attend and see what is happening in the beautiful park and trails.

Regular meeting of the Board of Directors
Garden Valley Recreation District
Garden Valley District Library
83 Old Crouch Road

6:00 p.m. – May 24, 2017

A. Roll Call
B. Delegations
a. Chris Gil – Syringa Club-Flag Pole & Veterans Memorial
b. Darl Allred-Allreds Adventures-Games in Park
c. James/Regan Byrd-North Fork Championship
C. Reading and Approval of Minutes
D. Treasurer’s Report
a. Bills
b. Income
E. Correspondence – NONE
F. Old Business
a. Rock on columns in Pavilion –When to start?
b. Park Maintenance plan outline
c. Basketball court completion
d. Fencing
e. Brush/Weed removal
f. Bid for steps from new bridge into Park
g. Bid for Pavilion Stain
h. Remove/Replace Hwy 17 sign
i. Plaque Completion-Linda
j. Irrigation-(show water use)
k. Picnic Shelters-Volley Ball Court & Playground
l. Don’s Beach-Locate Corners and plan access
m. Bluebird Boxes Bulletin Board
n. Procedure Manuel
o. Sales Tax Status
G. New Business
a. Electric for Music in the Park
b. Plan for cost effective Electric additions
c. Asphalt Trail

H. Miscellaneous and Routine Matters

I. Adjournment