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The Answer to a Long Winter is to Have a Spring Fling

The debut of the X-Sports Soap Box derby style car. Photo by Janet Juroch

Downtown Crouch – Garden Valley Center for the Arts completed another successful Spring Fling. The wind and rain wanted to create a challenge at times, but most of the afternoon was sunny and cool and lots of people were walking around town to see the sights or try something new. Occasional smells barbeque or kettle corn wafted through the air. Music performed by students at the pergola in Castle Square or Dueling Pianos at Two Rivers Grill filled the town.

According to the GVCA, the day was busy for everyone. Vendors and merchants were happy with the turnout.  Lots of shopping was going on and homemade pies were selling out. Dogs and their owners even had a booth where they could go for a quick analysis of how training could help certain behaviors.  Local emergency services were available for questions and showed their different EMS vehicles. Many people stopped in for tours of the historical Tucker house and museum.  People learned of a Visitor Center opening for tourist information. The Flea Market was open and busy. It was a full day.

Emergency Services vehicles lined up for display. Photo by Janet Juroch

Freedom Jump had lines of people waiting most of the day to give it a try. Photo by Janet Juroch

Idaho X-Sports had a debut of their new summer location at Village Circle by the Market. The Freedom Jump had a long line all day and the bounce castle was bouncing. They had a campfire ring set up where people stayed warm when the cooler winds blew through. Everyone seemed to enjoy the new location. Jason Sawin, General Manager of Idaho X-Sports says they will continue to be open on Saturdays until Memorial Day weekend and then Friday, Saturday & Sunday through the summer. Activities will be added. For our hours of operation go to


X-Sports also showed a custom painted Soap Box Derby car which was painted by Rowland’s Auto Body Repair. They gave it a test run with several kids to see “how it rolled” along Old crouch Road.  This is a reminder that on July 4th, 2017, Idaho X-Sports Adventure Park is sponsoring the first ever Soap Box Derby race in Crouch on the Old Crouch Road from 7-9 pm. X-Sports is looking for corporate sponsors to buy the cars so kids don’t have to. Sawin says, “We need five additional cars so we can have kids lined up to race.”

Steve Wadner designs clock from unusual artifacts. Photo by Janet Juroch

In the evening there was the drawing of winners of the GVCA silent auction fundraiser.  These items were on display all day.  At the same time there was the monthly artist gala which featured Steve Wadner of Oregon and his select artistic timepieces. Clocks are the medium he uses.  He has had a simple fascination with time and enjoys exploring unusual facts about time. Wadner appreciated the turnout of people at the gala saying “there is nothing more delightful than having people come see what you do.”

The Garden Valley Center of the Arts wants to thank everyone for coming out to the wonderful Spring Fling 2017 and the fundraiser support and for Steve Wadner’s gallery show that runs through May. Everyone is invited to visit the gallery and gift shop on weekends to see his amazing clocks and the new coming shows each month.

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff