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Garden Valley Color Run 2017 a Successful Event

The Garden Valley Color Run 2017 was a success with at least 30 participants who were ready for getting colored as they ran or walked the 2 mile course. This was a fundraiser for the GV High School track team.  With the proceeds they were able to purchase an instant runway for the jump pit. The race started at Weilmunster Park and there were several stations to pass through where colored chalk was dispersed on the participants. The race ended at the Outreach Center where there snacks for everyone. There were many different ages and groups participating and they all seemed to want this fundraising event to happen every year. Jenn Van Dyk, Track Coach and event organizer, especially wanted to thank Keith Hughes for providing all the boxes of the powdered colors.  By Janet Juroch

Greg Alexander, GV School Superintendent/Principal, was covered in pink colored powder and was a walking dust cloud afterwards.

Bryce and Shannon Court, teachers at GV School, dressed up for the Color Run event.

High school students knew how to dispense plenty of color on the runner.

“I am ready” was heard as the runner prepared to get more color powder sprayed on.

Photos by Janet Juroch

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