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Letter From Boise County Prosecuting Attorney

Dear Boise County Community:

I’m writing this to apologize to all of you as well as to the Board of Boise County Commissioners regarding the problems that arose from the appointment of Mr. Bergey to the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Board asked me in a timely manner to research the legality of appointing Mr. Bergey. My research led me to believe that potential conflict issues could be overcome by recusal by Mr. Bergey. The Board relied on my legal advice and appointed Mr. Bergey. I failed to look into the Idaho Administrative Rules which contain the ethics rules for surveyors, which would have changed the legal advice that I gave the Board. The error in this appointment process was mine, not the Board’s. I strive to be thorough in my research and legal advice but I apparently wasn’t thorough enough in this instance. I’m thankful for Mr. Bergey’s graciousness as well as for Ms. Williams thoroughness in bringing the applicable regulations to the county’s attention. I’m very sorry for this mistake, and I will continue to be as thorough as possible.

Dan Blocksom

Dan Blocksom

Boise County Prosecuting Attorney​