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Training Class Helps a Dog’s Response in Social Settings

“Getting them off on the right paw” – All Paws Training goal is a well socialized pet 

Garden Valley – Pets around us are often like family and bring a fun experience to daily living. Dogs particularly bond a family together, take trips, ride in cars, fetch and go for walks. That is in a perfect world. However, sometimes our pets fail at socializing properly and that makes for some stressful times for the owner and their pets. Learning techniques to train your dog will improve their life and ensure their safety.

All Paws Boarding and Training is operated by Daryl Klepsa-Andries, owner and a certified trainer with ABCDT qualifications. She has started puppy and adult dog training classes in Garden Valley. Daryl comes from a military background with 6 years in the U.S. Air Force.  Upon completion of the military career, she was admitted to the Dog Obedience Program that is meant for Veteran’s for six months.

Daryl got to thinking about training animals when people commented about how well behaved her own dogs was.  Her dog, Jade, went with her to every class and became very well trained too.  Jade is at every puppy or adult dog training session because she is like a role model for socialization. She shares, does not mind a dog who barks at her and is very calm natured.  Jade is a medium sized adult dog and is Shephard, Akita and Husky mix.

Daryl also has a rescue dog, Ramon, who needs to learn socialization with other dogs and not pull on his lead.  Daryl uses kibble rewards and has other tricks to entice dogs to feel comfortable.  At the adult class there are five dogs this session and each one has different social issues, ranging from barking at everything going on to an extremely shy dog. Daryl’s little brother, Nathaniel Crawley, helps after school and she says, “He has been such a big help with getting Kip, a Great Pyrenees,  out of her shell.”

Training includes teaching a dog to remain calm. Dash and Jade are fed kibbles as rewards for good behavior. Photo by Janet Juroch

Daryl says that the goal after the 7 lessons is that each dog will be better at social settings with other animals around. This includes other things affecting the dog’s ability to be social such as non-family people, bikes, or cars, for example. Linda Ruppel has her Newfoundland puppy named Haiku in one class and giggles, “I think the class is more about training the dog owner than the dog.”

These puppies are learning to focus while eagerly anticipating a kibble. Photo by Janet Juroch

By January she will begin her schooling for a MDT (Master Dog Trainer) certification. Completion will be in July of 2018. With an MDT she will be able to train service/rescue dogs and guide dogs. She will be certified for behavioral training needed for specialty use dogs. Her certification at this point is obedience training.

Daryl is very interested in training cats saying they are “very trainable.” This requires taking another course specifically in cat behavioral training. Cats have unique behaviors and need to be trained differently.

Eventually Daryl wants to have a place where she can arrange boarding. Since she is a new resident to Garden Valley, she pet sits, while looking for a facility that she can train and board animals. “It is hard to find any open place around here for training and boarding.  There is not a lot available without buying property and just building a new facility from scratch. But we are looking,” admits Daryl.

Classes are going on currently but will be looking for future sign ups towards the end of May.  Class is held at the Cascade Vet Clinic in Garden Valley at 6pm. Mondays and Fridays are Puppy Classes and Wednesdays are Adult Dog Classes. Cost is $175 for seven lessons. Call or text Daryl at 218-791-2715 with questions or email at

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff