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Motorcycles Through A Photographer’s Eye at Art Center Gala

April 1st Gala – Featuring  a Motorcycle Photo Collection

Garden Valley – Vintage motorcycles and their various artifacts are composed through a camera lens by local photographer, Linda Ruppel, and will give visitors a look at what seasoned motorcycle enthusiasts have already discovered.  The Garden Valley Center for the Arts will have their monthly opening gala on Saturday, April 1st at 6pm in the gallery on Old Crouch Road featuring motorcycle photography.

Linda Ruppel began her journey with photography as just an enthusiastic amateur photographer.  She had another full time job but was able to travel with other photographers and learned to develop an eye for composition and color.  She found that going on tours to places in Alaska, Canada and other continents gave her a chance to learn what makes a photograph special to those who see her pictures. She photographs lots of nature and wildlife but also gets images of activities people engage in.

Her photographs often tell stories. She can tell stories of each photograph, too. She loves to show a polar bear picture with the nose of the bear in the air. “That is when he was getting a whiff of our lunch in that picture,” she giggles.

In this April GVCA art show, Ruppel has over 20 pieces that will show motorcycle images as an art form.  Many of the photographs are focused on specific parts or gear, not just a motorcycle as a whole.  “Sometimes, the spokes or wheels or even a gas tank have a life of their own in photography,” according to Rupple.

After attending a vintage car show in Boise, Ruppel saw a group of motorcyclists in the parking lot. She asked those seasoned motorcycle riders what they like to look at on a bike. Never seeing motorcycles through her lens of the camera before, she wanted to learn what the bike purists get excited about.

Ruppel has shown her photographs in other art venues and is becoming widely known. She says, “Every new show is a journey.” Her job, she feels, is to translate images in ways that can speak to other people. She learns new techniques to capture an object. She enjoys the experienced of her work and then sharing it with others. Ruppel’s joy in showing her photography is as if she were a proud parent showing off her children.  She says, “The best part of any photograph is to see how people respond or what story they can interpret from it.”

A variety of Ruppel’s work can be seen in many of the local businesses around Garden Valley. Her work has so much variety but much of it captures the scenic areas of Garden Valley and captures the activities through the year.  Ruppel enjoys creating images that can speak to people in a new way. She dabbles with a photo shop type program to enhance colors and textures of her photos. She says, “I have fun making images into graphic art sometimes.”

The artist opening gala is from 6-8pm and is free.  Wine and hors d’oeuvres are offered while taking in the show.  Linda Ruppel will be present to answer questions. The GVCA is also extending an invitation for patrons to dress in their best motorcycle gear or do-rag scarves if they so desire. 

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff


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  1. Excellent article and well written. It entices us to not miss the opening!

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