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Get Your Color Run On!

Get Registered for the Color Run Fundraiser

The Color Run is coming to GV! This will be a fundraiser for the GV Track Team.  The event will be on April 22nd, but registration time is drawing near.  Deadline to register is on April 3th. The event is non-competitive and focuses on having fun and getting sprayed with colors along the route.

For those of you who do not know about Color Runs, it is run that provide splashes of color at stations as the participants run to the finish line.  The color is similar to paint but is made of a washable colored powder which is cornstarch and mixed with water. It is not toxic to people or the landscape.  The idea is the run is to get a T-shirt sprayed with color which will be unique and a great keepsake.

The vibrant colors washout easily. Most people will want to keep their shirts since they are splashed with lots of color. The way to keep T-shirts permanently colored is to soak them in vinegar and allow them to air dry.  Afterwards, using an iron will set the colors.

Color Runs are widely popular events and is a new concept to promote a different type of fun run. This race is two miles. The beginning of the race is at Weilmunster Park and will follow the Garden Valley bike path.  The end of the race is at the Outreach Center located on Banks Lowman Road just east of the Old Crouch Road intersection. There will be four color stations along the way.

Deadline for to register and get a packet is April 3. The packet includes a T- shirt, head band and temporary tattoos. It is always highly recommended to wear sunglasses. Many will choose fun, colorful sunglasses that can be obtained at the dollar stores and thrift stores.

Line up time is at 8:45am with the Color Run starting at 9am.  Anyone wanting a registration form needs to contact or Jenn Van Dyk at the GV School. Registration cost is $20 for adults/ kids 6-12th grades. It is $15 for kids up to 5th grade.  Don’t hesitate. There is only two weeks left to register for what is considered one of the “happiest fun runs around”. And remember this supports the GV Track team while having fun!

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff