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City Council Sorts out City Well, Snow Removal and Fireworks on Private Property

Fireworks in the Center of Crouch on the 4th of July - Photo by Janet Juroch

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff

Crouch, Idaho: A regular Scheduled Meeting of the Crouch City Council was held on March 8, 2017. All members were present.

The new City Well has still has steps to complete which include the water transfer agreement.  City Clerk Vickie Chandler and Council Member Wendy Bates had a committee meeting with Mike Woodworth of Mountain Waterworks. Three options were presented and Mountain Waterworks will isolate the costs of each option for the city to review.

Option 1 is to hook up the 24 available hookups now. Option 2 is that the new well and additional infrastructure to be paid by grants or in water fees.  A loan would be needed so a bond election would need to be held.  This would not be a tax, as the user fees will pay the loan payment. Option 3 is to regionalize the Water Project. This is the most expensive option but would connect to the GV Ranchettes, The Edge Resort project and the City of Crouch.  Funds would come the same way through grants, and loans paid by user fees.

Council members had a lengthy discussion with Water Master Terry Tucker about moving forward with the water project and applying for grants.  It was advised to seek a Project Administrator who is familiar with grants. The city will advertise in for this position. The PA will be at no cost to the City.

In completing the water transfer agreement and finishing water rights, the well needs to be certified as Municipal.  Mayor Bob Powell will sign the document for the change to Municipal.  Woodworth will get the water rights owner to sign that document as well.  A survey needs to be done before there is a lot split which can’t be done until more snow melts. That will finalize the Water Transfer Agreement.

The Water Master Report was given by Terry Tucker.  He explained that the transducer in the tank was pulled loose due to ice.  He said he will have to run it will run it manually until we get into some project funding. The transducer sensor measures tank depth.

New business covered the topic of sale and use of illegal fireworks in the city during the 4th of July celebrations.  After much discussion, the city agreed to back up either proposed plans the Chamber of Commerce and property owners decide on to eliminate personal fireworks in town. The Council considered the plans to be excellent ideas going forward.

Attorney Tony Pantera explained a possible solution to the snow removal problem would be to create an ordinance.  Old Crouch Rd. is owned by 4 property owners. There was a concern that property owners are not doing the best snow removal this year and there were safety issues.  Consensus of the Council was to look at an ordinance will insure safe and timely snow removal.

Garden Valley Center for the Arts report was given by Greg Simione. He reported that the March Youth Art Show is on. This includes GV, Horseshoe Bend and Home School student’s art.  He announced Spring Fling is May 6th. He will be a meeting with an event planner to help GVCA, Library, Museum, etc. to create a plan for a major James Castle Festival in the fall.

Garden Valley Visitor’s Center was reported by Janet Juroch. She plans to move in some office furniture and is looking for a flooring donation to replace the old, worn out carpet. Janet also explained where she is at in the process of creating a tourist map and how it will be a source of revenue. Doug Laber is crafting signs for the VIC, and directional signs display for the businesses nearby the City Hall. He is also refurbishing the weathered City Hall and Museum signs.

The Clerk reported that there are now 100 business licenses completed which includes the Old Merc and the Flea Market. She also reported that furnace in the Community Hall wasn’t working.  It needed new filters, a new fan and new condensation pump.  Repairs are completed.

Next City Council meeting will be at 6:30pm on April 12, 2017 at City Hall.